Hot Air Balloons Festival

Hot Air Balloons Festival 2019

The eighth International Hot Air Balloon Festival in the Besor Park will be held from August 22nd to 23rd 2019 during the summer holidays.During the summer holidays, from August 22nd to the 23rd, the Negev skies will be adorned with colorful hot air balloons in a variety of forms and shapes arriving here from around the world.This is the eighth year that the Shikma-Besor Tourism Association and the Gilboa Regional Council are cooperating in this special and colorful festival.The Balloons air show in Israel has become notorious and is visited by more then 14 balloons pilots and paratroopers from Israel and the world!

Program content and schedule

Thursday, August 22, 2019:
The event in the Besor Park will begin at16:00 – audience entry, and setting up of tents
16:00 – 19:00 – Paddling pools in the park and activities for children
20: 00 – 20: 45 – A juggling show.
20: 45 – 21: 15 – NIGHT GLOW- A spectacular performance of the balloons to the sound of music (there may be changes in the glow show depending on the weather)
At the end of the show – returning to the camping area around the park to spend the night.
Friday, August 23, 2019
A spectacular air show of 14 balloons, including skydiving and an acrobatics show from a balloon.
Starting at 5:30 am – from this hour on, the crews will begin preparing for the flight. Preparations include spreading and inflating balloons. It is recommended to come and watch all the stages of preparation until takeoff. We cannot commit to an estimated end time. You have to get there early!
After the air show, returning to the sleeping area and the paddling pools.
* Around the park you can find many tourist attractions, you can arrange a visit to them after the air show (pre-coordination needed)

 Important comments

  • The festival is held with the approval and presence of the police, MADA (Red Magen David) and IDF.
  • No weapons will be allowed to be entered by any person, including soldiers and members of the security forces. Please avoid unpleasantness.
  • The entry of glass bottles and drones is not allowed. Animals are not allowed to enter the festival.
  • We remind that the inflation of the balloons is critically affected by weather conditions, and if there are winds that will endanger the flight, there may be a change in schedule or partial elimination of the balloons inflation.

What’s in the park?

  • In the park area you can find paddling pools, picnic facilities according to availability, meadows and many charming corners.
  • The area of ​​the park has water taps, toilets and chemical toilets. There are no showers in the park during the event.
  • There is no electricity connections in the park area – be prepared accordingly.

Accommodation and parking

  • Accommodation in the park area is on the basis of availability.
  • Accommodation is not beside the car. Parking of vehicles in defined parking areas only. There is a walking distance between the parking and lodging – accommodation area – you must be prepared accordingly. It is recommended to have a cart to carry the equipment from the vehicle to camping area.
  • You need to bring all camping equipment for sleeping and cooking.
  • In the evening, temperature can drop and get cooler. It is recommended to have clothing accordingly.
  • There is no equipment rental in the park.
  • At night only the access roads and part of the lodging area will be illuminated. You should bring your own lighting.

Regarding food:

  • During the event, food stalls will operate in the area. In the morning there will be a coffee and pastry shop and picnic baskets (pre-order).
  • A small gas burner tank, up to 1 kg, can be brought into the camping area.
  • Barbecue can be done in the campground – the coals should be displaced to designated places.
  • You don’t feel like bothering to bring food from home? Want us to make you a picnic basket? We have a great offer for you. You can stop on the way to the park and bring a picnic basket full of good stuff. For details: press here
  • Or indulge yourself with a picnic basket for the following morning after the air show that will ‎reach you up to the park.‎ For details: press here

Advance arrangements must be made.


  • The show area is wheelchair accessible.
  • There is a disabled parking lot.
  • In addition, a designated area for camping (sleeping area in tents) will be allocated for certified disabled persons with disability in mobility. The service will be given only to disability certificate holders. The disabled person must be present at the site.
  • In order to make things easier for you and prevent the waiting at the cash register, it’s recommended to pre arrange by email or by phone – 08-9985110.
  • The service will be given to persons with a disability certificate only. (The certificate holder must be present at the event)

  Accommodation in Motorhomes (Caravan):

  • It is possible to arrive with a motorhome / caravan. The motorhome / caravan will be located in a designated accommodation area in the park area, according to the instructions on place and according to the management instructions. There is no possibility of connecting electrical power. You can only use a muted generator (which should be brought with you from home)
  • The entrance of the motorhome /caravan is subject to the presentation of tickets purchase confirmation for all the visitors in the motorhome / caravan.

Ticket prices and reservations:

  • Price – NIS 149 per person over the age of 3
  • NIS 20 for babies and toddlers aged 0-3. (Every participant must have a ticket)

General Comments

  • The price of the ticket is identical to those who do not stays for lodging in the park area.
  • The ticket includes everything and it is not possible to purchase a ticket without lodging or only for one day.
  • With the ticket you can enter and exit the park.
  • The price includes sleeping in the park and using park facilities, children’s activities, watching the shows and the air show.
  • The ticket does not include balloon flights. You cannot fly in a hot air balloon during the festival.
  • As a result of our experience in recent years, when tickets run out very quickly, we recommend you not to wait for the last minute.

The number of tickets is limited and the sale will be ended upon the sale of all the tickets.
* During the festival it is forbidden to flight drones all over the park
* The execution of the air show depends on the weather

Discounts and discount tickets:

Discounted price for Matmon subscribers, unions and organizations.
The order of the discount tickets must be verified and ordered directly with the organization that gives the subsidy.
Matmon subscribers – In order to receive the discount, you must enter a coupon code, the code can be obtained at Matmon call center *3639
The discount is conditional upon presenting a membership card when collecting tickets
* All discounts will end on Tuesday 20.8.19 according to the policy of the club, after which it will be possible to purchase only tickets at full price without discounts.

How to get there

For those arriving by private car:
The Besor National Park is located west of Ofakim and south of Highway 241. Drive from Ofakim to the west (Route 241). About 2.5 km (1.55 Miles) after Urim Junction turn left.
Arriving from the west, from the Ma’on Junction, drive along Route 241, about 7 km (4.34 Miles) after Maon Junction, turn right onto the access road to the park.
You can also register in the search at WAZE – Besor Park. The distance from the center is about an hour away.
You can use public transportation – by bus or train to Ofakim station and from there take a bus.
Be aware – the bus does not go into the park! For arriving by public transport take into account that there is a walking distance into the park
The event management is not responsible for schedules and arrival times. You need to find out directly with the public transport operator.

Mail for questions: or on our Facebook page
Darom Adom – official page’

We wish you a pleasant and unforgettable experience