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Glass Art – Hannah Segal

אומנות הזכוכית - חנה סגל
Sun: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Mon: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Tue: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Wed: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Thu: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Fri: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Sat: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)

Mefalsim Glass Art. My name is Hannah Segal and in recent years I have specialized in creation in glass in the fusing technique. Fusing is a method of creation in glass which uses the raw material, on which the creation and painting is done, and later the piece is placed in an oven on a special mold. During the fusion the colors and image are poured into the glass and the piece is created with the fusing. Fusing enables creating a wide range of tools and artifacts. The pieces include Judaica (Hamsa talisman, mezuzahs and more), jewelry and a range of tools.