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Reuma’s Studio

Sun: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Mon: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Tue: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Wed: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Thu: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)

Reuma – creation, mind, matter. Reuma’s workshop in Kochav Michael. “The magic of touching material”. Meetings of “creating in material” by private appointment, with an artist and producer of ceramic sculpting and design, in a rural and intimate environment.


Phone: 077-7295803
Address: Petting zoo

Petting Zoo in Gvaram

petting zoo with rabbits, guinea pigs and turtles, creation corner in the shade of the strawberry, preparing pita breads on a saj, all in a pleasant environment of nature, animal calls and a cup of coffee. Small children are welcome to play in the sand box where there is a sitting and coffee corner for the parents. In the nature room you can encounter small animals, watch a film and lounge on the sofas with colorful nature booklets.
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