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Tzeela Sheep Farm

Sun: 9:00-15:00
Mon: 9:00-15:00
Tue: 9:00-15:00
Wed: 9:00-15:00
Thu: 9:00-15:00
Fri: 9:00-15:00

The sheep farm is run as an agricultural farm in the HaBasor region.
A visit to the site includes an explanation about life on the farm, a tour of the pens and the dairy institute.
One also visits the cheese store where it is possible to taste and purchase the sheep’s-milk cheeses produced in the dairy.
There are also shaded seating corners at the dairy and it is also possible to pay a visit to the woodworks gallery “Footstool in the Desert” – where you will find a range of artistic and practical items made from solid wood.


Phone: 077-7295802
Address: Eretz Zeelim

Ze’elim Turkish Baths

A sitting pool and Jacuzzi of thermo-mineral water coming from the depths of the Earth which contain salts, minerals, sulfur and more. In addition, the site has a dry sauna, cafeteria, alternative treatments, swimming pool (in season), sports fields, group meals and more. The site offers fun activity days, team building days and more…
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Phone: 0777295743
Address: Gvulot

Gvulot Rural Accommodation

Far away from the oppressive humidity of the Central Plains area, or its harsh winters, the rural accommodation at the Kibbutz Gvulot guesthouse awaits you. The guestrooms are located in the piazza of the kibbutz, in the heart of lawns and near to the service centers. Here you will enjoy hospitality that will provide you with peace and relaxation, combined with the sense of kibbutz life.
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Phone: 077-7295703
Address: Ein HaBasor

Rakuya Japanese Guestrooms

Japanese style accommodation at Moshav Ein HaBasor – two well-appointed and luxurious guestrooms. Onceyou pass through the gate and cross the Japanese garden with the trickling sounds of water, and leave your shoes outside the guesthouse, you will also have to leave behind you the everyday world in favor of a world that is all peace and serenity. The well cultivated Ein HaBasorMoshavis located near the HaBasor Stream, where we have created two romantic guestrooms to accommodate couples.
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Phone: 0777295747
Address: Urim

Kibbutz Urim

The Urim guest house offers pampering and spacious guest rooms. Kibbutz Urim is at the north of the western Negev and borders the Eshkol Park. With spectacular desert views, the landscape is suitable for cycling, jeeps, all-terrain vehicles and horse riding. Kibbutz Urim offers a horse ranch and stables, a cactus garden, pampering treatments by appointment and an artist gallery.
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Phone: 077-7295729
Address: tzochar

The Chef’s Miracles Guestroom (HaNissim shel haChef)

A luxurious and romantic wooden cabin and an enchanting and delightful restaurant - a winning combination! The guestroom is beautifully appointed and well equipped!! Restful hues, a large jacuzzi, TV, espresso machine, D.V.D., home cinema and many more fun things to do. For smokers there is a breathtaking arbor and, of course, an ashtray. . . . and about the restaurant – astonishing meals of things you like to eat (don’t forget to coordinate in advance). And if you want the recipe, you’ll be given it, as well as all sorts of cute little gimmicks. The restaurant serves groups of up to 20. Not to be missed – it’s really unique and special!
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Phone: 077-7295802
Address: Kibbutz Zeelim

Kibbutz Zeelim (camping)

Camping under a sky full of stars and pastoral peace in the heart of the desert. The site has spacious and pleasant camping huts, a central lit hospitality hut with mats and mattresses for low sitting which also serves for gatherings and meals, where you can sit around a fire and enjoy the magic of the desert.
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Phone: 077-7295728
Address: Ein HaBasor

Zohar BaDesheh

Zohar BaDesheh at Moshav Ein HaBasor on the banks of the HaBasor Stream. Two luxurious, bright and romantic wooden cabins in a peaceful rural atmosphere. Our cabins include: a beautifully designed and air-conditioned living-room, a charming bedroom with candles and romantic fragrances, television and air-conditioner. A large jacuzzi, a well-equipped kitchenette and dining corner, well-kept and lovely garden with a hammock and a BBQ. In summer, the swimming pool on the moshav is available for guests. Breakfast is served to the cabin.
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Phone: 077-7295707
Address: Ein Habsor

The Herb Farm

Near Habsor stream in Ein Habsor, are the Herb Farm guest houses. Three guest houses and a new wooden hut built and designed for you, with an artistic and loving hand. The unique furniture is made of natural wood in spectacular handiwork. We thought about how we would like to spend our vacations, and that’s why we made sure you have a high quality, magical vacation. You can enjoy rural hospitality in a quiet and intimate atmosphere in two romantic guest houses and wooden hut, different from one another and fully equipped until the last detail.
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Phone: 077-7295721
Address: Ein HaBasor

Teva Habsor B&B

Teva HaBasor is an organic and rural style accommodation complex, with wooden cabins suitable for couples or families. Located at Moshav Ein HaBasor, ‘far from the madding crowd’, you will find spacious and luxurious guestrooms set in a quiet and green environmentat Teva HaBasor.
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