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Path to Peace

Phone No. 777295808 E-mail

Tsamaret Zamir, an artist and the creator of the project, tells about life in the moshav in the shadow of the ongoing security situation and above all about the hope of a good and peaceful future.

Every visitor is invited to choose his own special piece out of the colorful optimistic pieces, on which he writes a personal wish.

we will reach the closest place to the border, finding ourselves between the border wall and the security wall. The artwork is on the security wall, can be seen by the viewer standing on both side of the wall, spreading on the gray security walls, and creating an atmosphere of joy, optimism and hope. Here every visitor will choose where he wants to glue his piece within the joint creation.


Phone: 077-7295803
Address: Petting zoo

Petting Zoo in Gvaram

petting zoo with rabbits, guinea pigs and turtles, creation corner in the shade of the strawberry, preparing pita breads on a saj, all in a pleasant environment of nature, animal calls and a cup of coffee. Small children are welcome to play in the sand box where there is a sitting and coffee corner for the parents. In the nature room you can encounter small animals, watch a film and lounge on the sofas with colorful nature booklets.
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Phone: 0777295837
Address: Kochav Michael

Reuma’s Studio

Reuma – creation, mind, matter. Reuma’s workshop in Kochav Michael. “The magic of touching material”. Meetings of “creating in material” by private appointment, with an artist and producer of ceramic sculpting and design, in a rural and intimate environment.
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