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Experience with Fire

Bereshit Tools pottery uses an ancient Japanese technique of burning the pieces in an “Engema” wood burner. The burning lasts three days and reaches a heat of 1300 degrees. The burning in flames creates warm and vibrant colorfulness, which exposes the material’s natural richness.

The visit includes: touring the studio, acquaintance with the “Engema” wood burner, explanation about the creation process and a visit to the gallery.


Phone: 077-7295706
Address: Kramim

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Guestrooms in the vineyards (Kramim)

Luxurious and pleasant rural accommodation in the south, only 15 minutes’ drive from Beer Sheva, at Kibbutz Kramim. The site has a variety of rustic wooden cabins for families and couples, as well as being able to offer accommodation of a moderate standard or kibbutz stylehospitality.
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Phone: 077-7295877
Address: Givot Bar

Eynot Bar

Take a break for the body and soul, close your eyes and feel a moment of peace. Take a deep breath and connect to the desert slopes. Float in warm water and listen to calming underwater music, drink tea made from desert herbs and rest in concept suites, order incredible hydrotherapy treatments and just give yourself true rest. The site has 2 guest house units: Negev – located on the edge of a hill and overlooking the slopes of the desert. A small lake is filled in winter and visible from the unit, and a magnificent desert savannah with filling sunsets is visible all over. Desert – located on the first floor and overlooks the Negev expanses, magnificent sunsets and a spectacular sight filling in its open spaces.
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