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Maoz opposite Gaza

Sun: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Mon: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Tue: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Wed: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Thu: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)
Fri: - (יש צורך בתיאום מראש)

The site is dedicated to the three religious kibbutz towns in the area. The ground floor of the museum presents photographs of the story of Kibbutz Sa’ad during the War of Independence.

The access to the site is through the entrance road to Kibbutz Kfar Aza. The old security building of Kibbutz Saad was renovated and now serves as an active site with exhibitions and films telling the story of the battle over the area, emphasizing the story of the 3 religious kibbutz settlements in the Negev during the War of Independence.

In addition, there are original telegrams describing events from the war. The exhibition demonstrates the struggle of the warriors who were in shortage of weapons, food and water and had to spend days and nights digging underground.

On the second floor there is an audiovisual exhibition, describing the atmosphere in Israel during the war, the part played by the 27 isolated towns in the south, which had 1,000 people opposite 150,000 people in the Gaza Strip, the placing of the water pipe and the iniquities of the Palmach. The overlook from the roof uses viewing boards to show the city of Gaza, the Mediterranean sea, the electronic border system, the enemy posts, our posts from the days of the War of Independence, the border passage near Nachal Oz, the outskirts of Ashkelon and the neighboring towns.


Phone: 0777295741
Address: alumim

Alumim Rural Accommodation

Alumim Rural Accommodation offers accommodation for thereligious community with a rural style, for Shabbat and Holydays and for all week long, for individuals, families and groups. The site has 14 spacious and air-conditioned guest suites of one or two rooms, all of which are well-maintained and attractively designed, and include a kitchenette (refrigerator and coffee corner), TV and phone.
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Phone: 077-7295720
Address: Tkuma

Kan Pecan

Guest houses in Tkuma, three large, spacious and air conditioned guest houses suitable for hosting couples and families. Rural hospitality in the town of Tkuma in the western Negev. You are welcome to enjoy a pampering, quiet and calming vacation in a religious magical environment in the pecan grove. Three guest houses await you between the pecan trees, spacious and air conditioned and suitable for hosting couples and families. The town of Tkuma is located in the center of the main attractions and tour sites in the western Negev.
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Phone: 077-7295727
Address: Peduim

The Yona Experience

You can participate in art workshops, olive harvest in season, wheat harvest in season, grape harvest in season, honey collecting in season, milking all year long and more. You can also enjoy delicacies and catering for groups.
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Phone: 0777295741
Address: +972777295818

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Meals for groups only, by appointment.
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