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The Home Front Command Directives

A joint statement by the IDF and Israel Police spokespersons regarding the “Darom Adom” events:

Starting February 2, 2024, and throughout the four weekends in February, the traditional “Darom Adom Festival” will be held in the Western Negev.
The events are held in accordance with security assessments with several adjustments made due to the war, mainly – changing venue to the eastern part of the Western Negev sector and closing Highway 232 from the Yad Mordechai intersection to Kerem Shalom during event weekends.
The entire area will be reinforced with IDF troops, military police and the Israel Police.
Due to the ongoing war, the western part of the area surrounding Gaza is still considered a closed military zone. It is prohibited to cross fences, move on unmarked dirt roads or enter fenced and signed areas. Please adhere to instructions of the security forces in the area.
Out of concern for unexploded ordinance or ammunition in the area, if you come across a suspicious object, report it immediately to the police 100 hotline.
You must download the Home Front Command App and make sure to activate the location option (GPS) throughout your stay in the area, to receive alerts if and when necessary.
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For the Full Defense Instructions

For the road blocks and main events map:


Possible ordinance and unidentified objects

Loitering near unidentified objects or rocket/missile parts can be life-threatening! Remember: if you see some ordinance or an unidentified object – move away from the place, keep curious people away and immediately

 report to the security forces.

At this time, shells, rocket parts and unexploded ordinance may be found on the ground. It is important to remember that photographing unexploded ordinance and unidentified objects, loitering near them and, of course, touching them in any way, are all life-threatening!

It is essential not to approach or congregate in the area where a rocket fell or had been intercepted, for fear of being hit by shrapnel or by another barrage. Please note it takes many minutes for shrapnel to fall to the ground, thus and endangering anyone who leaves the protected area before the danger has passed. Furthermore, be aware that the IDF’s defense systems cannot provide a complete defensive response to all shooting.

Therefore, when missiles and rockets are fired, you must wait for 10 minutes in the protected area, from the moment the warning is received. If you are in an open area – lie on the ground and protect your head with your hands. Do not try to reach the site or record interceptions, and do not share the location of rocket fire. These actions endanger you.

Remember: if we see unexploded ordinance or unidentified objects – move away, push others away and report to the Israel Police 100 hotline.

The firing of rockets and 

missiles – instructions that save lives

In an open area – lie on the ground and protect your head with your hands for 10 minutes. When a rocket hits the ground, the explosive blast endangers anyone sitting or standing, and their chances of being hit by shrapnel including interception fragments increases.

If you are in a car

Stop on the side of the road, get out of the vehicle and go to a sheltered area, or stairwell in a nearby building.

  • If it is not possible to reach a building in time – get out and move away from the vehicle, go over the safety railing or distance yourselves from the side of the road, lie on the ground andprotect your head with your hands.
  • Only if it is impossible to exit the vehicle, stop on the side of the road, open the windows and crouch under the window line.

The Home Front Com

mand App

The Home Front Command App provides alerts, instructions and life-saving information in real time about various threats, depending on your location and in the regions you configured. Don’t wait for an emergency, download the App today.

The Home Front Command App allows

you to receive life-saving alerts and instructions in the event of a threat, directly to your phones. For your peace of mind and to be sure that you receive warnings and life-saving information during an emergency – it is important that you download the App today.

Please note: You can configure the App to receive location-related warnings by a 10 second vibration and flashing light. Moreov

er, a special response to the residents of settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip allows you to configure the App and receive “Red Alerts” based on your location.

Download the app


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