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Tabun truck

Tabun truck – real Neapolitan pizza

Tabun track offers you an Italian food experience with Israeli elements. In the food truck, we prepare Neapolitan pizzas at Tabun 450, 72-hour rising doughs, home-made tomato sauce and Israeli cheeses.
We put together our unique flavors in collaboration with Chef Aharon Politi from the ‘Michelin House’.
Our values oblige us not to compromise on product quality, freshness of raw materials and uncompromising service.
We try to maintain a sustainable environment and use environmentally friendly disposable wooden trays, pans and utensils.
Our range of pizzas is also suitable for vegans with a delicious and colorful pizza that combines baking with a topping of fresh vegetables.

The Tabun truck is Kosher L’mehadrin

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