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Bahatzer Store – Furniture.Tools.Objects.Fashion

Bahatzer (In the yard) is a store that holds everything for home décor: furniture, tools, lighting and textiles. Our store also offers consulting and styling services, as well as a shopping experience that incorporates clothing and accessories.


Phone: 077-7295708
Address: Netiv HaAsara

Ben Ben Nursery

Ben Ben Nursery - growing, importing, and marketing plants for the house and garden. One of the most beautiful nurseries in Israel, operating in Moshav Netiv HaAsara and selling to the general public, The nursery offers plants that are grown on-site as well as unique plants imported from Holland. It's well worth a visit!!    
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Phone: 0777295700
Address: Yad Mordechai

"The Yad Mordechai Museum - "From the Holocaust to Revival

The natural hill, amidst the green fields, hides remarkable secrets from the past, unimaginable acts of heroism and the fascinating story, with many twists and turns, of150 kibbutz members - men and women - who stood alone against an entire Egyptian brigade.  For six whole days, thousands of well-trained Egyptian soldiers,  armed with tanks, cannons and planes, were stopped in their advance toward Tel Aviv, confronted by the kibbutz members and their meager weapons. This is the epic story  of the settlement in the Land of Israel, and it symbolizes the tenacity, bravery and determination that characterized the generation of pioneers and founders of this state.  The Yad Mordechai Museum - From the Holocaust to Revival The "From Holocaust to Revival" museum in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai opened in 1968.  It covers the two most crucial events in the history of the Jewish people in the new era: the Holocaust and the Revival of the Jewish People. The museum tells the story of the Jews in the land of Israel and the Diaspora, from the beginning of the 20th century, through the Holocaust, ending with the establishment of the State of Israel. The section dedicated to the Holocaust, emphasizes Warsaw Jewry and the life story of Mordechai Anielewicz. The Revival section deals with the War of Independence in Yad Mordechai and the southern region and with the settlement of the Negev.
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Phone: 077-7295701
Address: Yad Mordechai

Yad Mordechai Tourism

Kibbutz Yad Mordechai Tourism invites you to various activities, all as sweet as honey The Honey and Bee House (Beit Ha'Dvash Ve Ha'Dvora) Take a journey into the magical world of bees. A world of exemplary order, diligence, absolute loyalty, and sophisticated hierarchy - and there's even time for dancing! A suited beekeeper will welcome you, and, from behind a special sealed glass window, reveal  the active, bustling and buzzing beehive through which we can closely study and gain an understanding of the ways of bees in their natural habitat, glimpsing the intricacies of their secret, magical world. A tour on board the Kibbutz's Tractor After learning about honey and, of course, tasting it, our trusty tractor will be waiting for you in the Honey House square, harnessed to a cart that will take us to various areas around the kibbutz, allowing us to observe the various fields of Israeli agriculture from a new and inspiring angles. We will learn about the cowshed and the milking process, the field crops  and orchards, and how farm life is integrated into the lives of the kibbutz members. As we pass through these various stations, we will also learn about the story of Yad Mordechai. Yad Mordechai's Sweet Honey Cakes - The Real Deal! We invite you to a sweet honey cake baking workshop, where you will be the confectioners. We will reveal the secret recipe for our famous honey cakes and we'll bake hot, sweet cakes together! "The Kibbutz of the Past" The collection at "The Kibbutz of the Past" is where we utilize various objects to tell the story of the pioneer settlers, the daily life of children and kibbutz members; A life of sharing and equality; perhaps poor materially but spiritually rich. The Dana Gallery Each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the Dana Gallery, founded to commemorate Dana Dvir, presents interchanging art exhibits in various domains: painting, sculpting, photography, video art and more. * Please call to inquire about opening days and times.  
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Phone: 0777295808
Address: 111 Netiv HaAsara

Path to Peace

The visitor center tells the story of life in the Gaza Strip, accompanied by guided narration and a heartwarming film.  We will then choose a colorful piece of ceramic stone on which to write a personal message, and then take a short drive among the residential homes of the Moshav to the Path of Peace wall to place our stone. We all join together to create the wall's artwork, thus bringing hope and joy to this place. Open weekdays for groups and individuals. Pre-booking is recommended. Groups may also order kosher meals and refreshments.      
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Phone: 0777295771
Address: Sderot HaHoresh 1, Nitzan

Katif Center - Commemorating the Heritage of Gush Katif

The heritage site unfolds the story of the Gush Katif settlements and their continuation right here in the Bsor Region. The Nitzan Visitors Center unravels the story of Gush Katif, starting from its establishment and development, through the secession plan and pains of displacement, to the challenges of regrowth. The tour of the center spans 6 sites incorporating films, video art, a photo exhibition and performances that create a unique and compelling experience. The tour is led by former Gush Katif residents who share their personal stories with the visitors. Tours are conducted in Hebrew, French and English. You may book an independent tour of the visitor center, without guidance, during operating hours. The last guided tour starts two hours before closing time. The tour duration is about 1.5 hours.
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Phone: 077-7295731
Address: Kokhav Michael

Caravaggio Restaurant

Caravaggio - is an Italian restaurant named after the famous 16th century Italian painter, one of the pioneers of the Baroque style. The restaurant is located in the agricultural settlement of Kokhav Michael on the Southern coastal plain, between Kiryat Gat and Ashkelon. It was established in what used to be the mythical flower packaging factory that once operated in the Moshav. Since it opened in 2018, Caravaggio has brought exciting culinary treats to the area, as well as serving as a fun place to hang out with an excellent ambiance. It also functions as a boutique bakery for those interested in taking home some of delicious local pastries, including sourdough bread, Shabbat challah, focaccia and handmade Danish pastries (only on Fridays). Everyone knows that going to a restaurant in a Moshav has its advantages: an escape from the city's hustle and bustle, experiencing a different style of entertainment, being one with nature and the green, stunning surroundings, and the "small" bonus of not having to search for a parking space... but there is more to Caravaggio. The aromas of freshly baked bread, pizzas and yummy dishes prepared in its bustling kitchen fill the area, making guests hungry for something delicious before they even enter the premises. The menu is rich and diverse; all dishes are made from high-quality, carefully selected ingredients. After ordering, you will discover that Caravaggio's dishes are simply exciting culinary creations full of love and attention. Patrons can order and enjoy a selection of self-indulgent breakfasts; Gourmet sandwiches packed with goodness; Carefully crafted pizzas and pasta dishes with artisanal sauces, and; Main dishes like filet of Salmon, a mind-blowing hamburger and a premium entrecôte steak. You're all welcome - with love. Reservations are recommended. Waze: Caravaggio
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