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Tel Gama

General information:

Tour type: A short hike and an observatory

Tour duration: 1-2 hours.

Difficulty level: Medium.

Rest Rooms on-site: None.

Possible picnic points: Picnic tables at the foot of the mound.

Getting there: The entrance to the mound from road 232, about 100 meters south of the Re’im junction. Access is well-signed and suitable for any vehicle. The mound is clearly visible from the road.

Opening hours: Open all year round.

WAZE – Tel Gama Observatory

Tel Gama (Gama Mound) is a peripheral observation point over most of the territory of the Habsor region.

The mound calls for observation and a bit of hiking to cover the entire scope. It is recommended to go down from the mound and around it toward the northern turn, then go down into Habsor stream and walk near the mound eastward. When you approach the shadow of the mound, lift your gaze, and you can see nesting birds in the loess soil, remnants of mud bricks from the Persian and Pharaonic periods, and bank vegetation that includes Retama, the (salty) Atriplex halimus plant (give it a taste!), Fennel and Thymelaea. After a short walk in the stream, we will reach a concrete bridge, which can take us back toward the mound, and a short hike through the Eucalyptus grove and back to the car.

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