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The Dangour Monument

Opening hours: open all year round

Getting there: Drive south on road 232. Turn right at Holilt Interchange to road 240. After about 1 km, you will pass a turn to Kibbutz Sufa. Continue a few dozen meters and turn right. After about 70 meters, turn right again to the site (a brown sign marks the spot). The site offers plenty of parking, accessible parking and pathway.

Difficulty level: Low

Rest Rooms on-site: None.

Possible picnic points: At the entrance to the site, there are picnic tables and water fountains.

WAZE: Nirim (Dangour) monument.

Origin of the name Dangour: These lands, where Kibbutz Nirim was first established and currently occupy the Kibbutzim Holit, Sufa and Nir Yitzhak – were bought before WWI by Rabbi Shalom Dangour, a native of Baghdad, who served as the rabbi of the Jewish Community in Egypt and purchased these lands for Jewish settlement.

What can one find on-site? A monument for those who died in the battles of 1948, defending Kibbutz Nirim, a round observation terrace overlooking Rafah, picnic tables and water fountains.

The monument is constructed in the shape of the Safety House, with a protruding balcony on the roof. A large inscription that remained on the wall of the destroyed dining room barracks, is still visible, symbolizing the settlements’ perseverance, especially Kibbutz Nirim, “Not the tank shall prevailbut the man” (J. Stalin). 

The site also features a model of Kibbutz Nirim during the war and a memorial site for the eight fallen, later buried in Kibbutz Nirim.

● Lookout toward Kerem Shalom – where Gilad Shalit was kidnapped.
● Lookout toward Holit and the Sufa pass.

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