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The Shaked Commando Unit Park

The Shaked Commando Unit Park, which covers about 6 thousand sqm, is located in a lovely ravine that forms the Ofakim stream. The KKL-JNF began planting it in 1987, and it is one of the most unique forestry sites in Israel. The loess soil and rainfall regime, about 200 mm a year, are similar to large areas in the Negev, so the KKL-JNF established a research station there to draft interfaces for the continuation of planting and grazing in the Negev. The station is managed in collaboration with researchers from Ben Gurion University and is sister to two other stations in Lahavim and Sde Boker.

Ridges and ravines formed after the rain cut off the park’s main road from the iron bridge. However, you can get there by private car from the road on the west side of the iron bridge. Remember: Sometimes, walking a short distance to the observatory and parking lot is necessary.

A short excursion:

It is worth taking a short hike from the bridge: Walk south about 200 meters in the gorge until you see a small ravine with a very bright rock formation on the left side. Continue walking in this ravine along the rocks, and within 300 meters, you will discover three water cisterns (caution! they are open).

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