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The Olive Route

Sun: 08:30-17:30
Mon: 08:30-17:30
Tue: 08:30-17:30
Wed: 08:30-17:30
Thu: 08:30-17:30
Fri: 8:30-13:30

The Olive Route – a nursery, an ancient olive grove and a café

We have a large variety of mature and young trees – lychee, mango, avocado and many other fruit trees.

The olive grove includes pleasant seating areas for couples or families.

You can pick up smoothies / freshly squeezed juices / coffee from our cafe and go down to the adjacent orchard to enjoy the view of the olive trees and the fruit in an ancient atmosphere.

An experience of wonder, beauty and grace
wrapped in an ancient embrace
And a loving staff.

Waiting for you
The Olive Route family

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  • Dairy

Phone: 077-7295846
Address: Maagalim

Ron Art

Ron Art - personally designed tours of the Judaica studio I'm Ronen Horev, an artisan who creates functional art, and a resident of the Ma'agalim settlement in the Northwestern Negev. The studio, located in my backyard, is where I create my varied and unique art pieces: Mezuzah holders, Hanukkah menorahs, Bride's prayer, Candlestick trays and Shabbat candlesticks, as well as various Judaica artifacts and custom-made items (by order). Activities offered by the studio: Group meetings with an artist - hosting tours and experience workshops for groups, organizations and social events. This is a rare opportunity to watch and experience the glassblowing process. A tour of the studio - a rare opportunity to watch the glassblower at work. Visiting groups will receive, among other things, an explanation of the origins of glass blowing, the uniqueness of the material, a tour of the studio and a description of the artifacts. For up to 20 people. Creative workshops for couples and individuals - create decorative objects, Judaica or anything else - with the artist and under his guidance (depending on participants' choice). The workshop's duration is up to 3 hours. Each participant leaves with something they created in the workshop. The studio offers a cold/hot beverages corner. Registration to all activities must be done in advance by phone or email (not Shabbat).
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Phone: 077-7295739
Address: Kfar Maimon

Ora’s Yard

Ora's yard is back in action: After losing Ora, my beloved wife, to whom I was married for 63 years, and after many months in which the yard was closed to visitors, I decided to continue Ora's path and keep welcoming visitors with a big smile and a warm heart. I am delighted to open the yard again and receive small groups and families of between 4 and 20 people. Activities include: a unique guided tour of the orchard, with its 120 fruit trees from 80 exotic fruit varieties, accompanied by the fascinating personal story of our roots and how the settlement in the Negev started, narrated by Reuben Rozenblat. We also sell our liquors, boutique beers and homemade jams. The Site is closed on Saturdays and holidays. The visit by pre-booking only. I would love to host you.
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Phone: 077-7295705
Address: Zimrat

Nedudim - Nature. Family. Connection.

Nedudim - nature excursions - donkey rides - workshops. One of my favorite moments when going on a donkey trip is the moment we hit the road. There's something about the riding, the movement, the walk that relaxes the body. The heart opens up, and one just wants to be in the moment. The open air, the trails and the blue skies await you. This is your chance for a bonding experience and a slightly different activity. During the trip, we will stop, light a fire and sit around it, sipping coffee/tea and homemade cookies. You are welcome to take a donkey ride and various outdoor workshops and have the time of your lives.   A 2-hour trip: Who is it for? Families/Couples/Groups A 4-hour trip: Who is it for? Families/Couples/Bar-Mitzva trips A 24-hour trip: Who is it for? Groups/Families - up to 10 persons/Bar-Mitzva trips Workshops:  Spoon carving; Opening up the senses and awareness; Starting a fire without matches Where: We go anywhere in the Northern Negev region.   
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Phone: 0777295755
Address: Sharsheret

Country-Style Cooking Workshops

Caters to private gourmet meals and events; provides culinary advice; holds cooking classes in a country-style atmosphere and fresh ingredients from my vegetable garden. By appointment. Shabbat - closed. My name is Roded. About 20 years ago, I graduated from Tadmor and proceeded on to nutrition studies. I provided professional culinary advice and actively participated in the establishment of new restaurants and catering businesses. After several years as a chef for hotels and luxury restaurants in Eilat (for example, the Harrods Hotel), I decided to take my passion for cooking and set out on my own. That is how Gato Italiano restaurant was born and has flourished for 9 years. My cooking style is a fusion between gourmet and rustic - a combination of historic dishes and contemporary cuisine trends. It is characterized by fine, fresh raw materials with high nutritional value, some of which even come from my vegetable patch. The workshops are held in Moshav Sharsheret in the South. Other services are available from the Northern Negev to the center of Israel.
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Phone: 077-7295896
Address: Tkuma

Fruit Picking at Farm #77

Quality Time for the Whole Family We invite you to an exceptionally fun tour that includes a study session at the greenhouses - pineapple / banana / strawberry picking (in season), a tractor ride, and other fun-filled attractions and activities for the entire family. Strawberry picking, take a basket home and enjoy free entry to the giant Ninja Israel inflatable. Guided tractor tour of the farm's greenhouses. Duration of the tour: about half an hour Fruit picking time: about half an hour You're all welcome!    
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Phone: 077-7295758
Address: 74, Tkuma

Hadas Zagron - Design. Illustration. Smile.

You are invited to our stunning studio in Moshav Tkuma - workshops, concrete works, wood, cacti and surprises! Come and plant cacti and succulents from the packing house, buy unique gifts in our store, and book a couple or family workshop in a fun atmosphere! Various workshops are held in the studio: Concrete workshops - pots of different sizes, door signs, clocks, pot bases and more. Wood workshops - shelves, decorative wire pictures, inspiration cubes, beer opener racks, coffee coasters and more. Music | Coffee corner | Toilets The duration of workshops: 1 - 1.5 hours. Flexible, as required. Price: varies according to the number of participants. By appointment only. The workshops are by appointment *You may also book evening workshops
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Phone: 0777295895
Address: Yakhini


When traveling in France, won't you try the wines and cheeses? And when you are in the Western Negev? Welcome to the off-road cycling capital of Israel. Only you and the Negev desert. A stunning area with plenty of riding options for the whole family. Open all weekdays between 7:30 and 20:00 - by appointment. Optional regular bike rental. An option for groups: moving the bikes from Yakhini to a desired location. An option for a guided bicycle tour: suitable for couples, families, and groups. Highly recommended on weekends, holidays, and the anemone bloom period. Each traveler who comes and rides independently gets a map and recommendations on where to ride. We are mobile and offer assistance in case of a breakdown. The center is located near a convenient exit from the main road and adjacent to a fabulous area with various riding options: Easy ride suits all  Medium level; High level for thrill seekers - The Nir Moshe Single. Our recommended routes reach and connect with the Nir Moshe forest (about 2 km from the starting point to the forest), which includes a perimeter route around the forest and through it on a new, paved sandstone white path, passing through the spectacular landscape.  
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Phone: 077-7295758
Address: 74, Tkuma

Aviel Zagron

You are invited to our studio in Moshav Tkuma, where I hold an experiential woodworking workshop while teaching various techniques - we will sand, screw and paint a wooden product of your choosing: specially shaped shelves, wooden storage boxes, key hangers, mobiles, clocks, various home/kids' rooms accessories, and more. The products may be taken home immediately after the workshop. Suitable for ages 6 and up. The workshop duration is about 1 hour.
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