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Galai Winery

Galai Winery – the Boutique Winery of the Northern Negev

A (paid) guided tour of a family-owned, rural boutique winery whose wines have won prestigious medals and awards both in Israel and abroad.

Tasting various fine and unique wines accompanied by explanations about the careful manufacturing process of all wines exclusively produced from grapes grown in the vineyard next to the winery in Moshav Nir-Akiva, the North-Western Negev.

You may sit or stay on the grounds even without the paid tour – based on availability.
The cost depends on what you order from the menu.

Rich, diverse picnic baskets – ready-made or customized (wines, cheeses, spreads and more)

Arrival at the complex:
Location: Moshav Nir-Akiva (close to the Beit-Kama interchange, Netivot and Sderot)
Waze: “Galai Winery” or “Nir-Akiva.”
Take the first turn right at the second roundabout inside the settlement.
Parking: on-site. Follow the signage or any other directions provided.


* The activity in the complex is not suitable for families with children.
* Entry is from age 18. (Exceptions are made by prior arrangements only, with a special permit).
* The wines are not kosher. The food products are kosher, but not all have a kosher seal.

In Catering

  • Not Kosher

Phone: 077-7295723
Address: Nir Akiva 63

Shahaf Farm - Ruth Farm

Horseback riding trips in the great outdoors for families/couples/groups among green and red carpets, a flowing stream and more. Children's activity in the farm's riding arena. Experience classes for children on the farm. On some days, there will be food and drink stalls at the farm. - There are age and weight limits for all activities involving horses. - Activities on the farm from the age of 5 and up. Horseback riding trips from age 8 and up (provided they can ride). - We will be happy to help you plan marriage proposals, birthdays, outdoor picnics and more. - Activities are subject to wearing long pants and closed shoes.
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Phone: 077-7295715
Address: Nir Moshe

Mavoch Miriam (Miriam’s Maze)

Come, find yourselves in a maze of herbs and fragrant plants. We offer guided tours (by appointment) of about 1.5 hours, during which you will learn to identify various herbs through our sense of smell and taste, prepare potpourri sachets from the flowers and leaves of fragrant plants, and understand how to use beneficial herbs, spices and fragrant plants. What awaits you in the complex? A labyrinth of herbs and fragrant plants (all organic), covering a 4,000 sqm area, picnic areas for visitors' enjoyment, an herb-drying center, greenhouses where plants are cultivated and sold, an orchard of fruit trees, a store selling our local produce, and a glass of homemade lemonade. Suitable for individuals, families, groups and senior citizens Accessible for people with disabilities A fascinating flashlight night tour can also be pre-booked
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Phone: 0777295755
Address: Sharsheret

Country-Style Cooking Workshops

Caters to private gourmet meals and events; provides culinary advice; holds cooking classes in a country-style atmosphere and fresh ingredients from my vegetable garden. By appointment. Shabbat - closed. My name is Roded. About 20 years ago, I graduated from Tadmor and proceeded on to nutrition studies. I provided professional culinary advice and actively participated in the establishment of new restaurants and catering businesses. After several years as a chef for hotels and luxury restaurants in Eilat (for example, the Harrods Hotel), I decided to take my passion for cooking and set out on my own. That is how Gato Italiano restaurant was born and has flourished for 9 years. My cooking style is a fusion between gourmet and rustic - a combination of historic dishes and contemporary cuisine trends. It is characterized by fine, fresh raw materials with high nutritional value, some of which even come from my vegetable patch. The workshops are held in Moshav Sharsheret in the South. Other services are available from the Northern Negev to the center of Israel.
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Phone: 077-7295826
Address: Gilat Junction


An escape room is a quest (adventure game) occurring in reality. During the game, you will need to solve puzzles, find clues, use all available items in the room, and collect all the keys and codes to will help you get out the door to victory! Everything will remind you of a computer game, but in reality, in an authentic setting, with real-life objects. Your task is to get out of the locked room. How do you do it? It depends only on you! In this game, you cannot succeed by yourself, only as a group, and you must be a cohesive team to win. You can only reach a quick solution by cooperating and cracking the riddles through creative and innovative thinking. Our escape rooms offer an unforgettable and challenging experience - guaranteed!  The G-Room escape room complex is new to the South! It is located at Gilat Junction (Road 25) and was established by 3 local entrepreneurs who seek to add to leisure activities in the Western Negev.
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Phone: 077-7295866
Address: Hadkalim Farm

Hadkalim Farm

A wide array of options for entertainment, accommodation, cultural enrichment, culinary experiences, and many more await you. Suitable for families, groups, organizations and companies and, of course, you can always come solo. Hadkalim Farm offers visitors of all ages the best-suited activities from this list of possibilities: Activities for families and children: A guided tour of the petting zoo, amongst the sheep, goats, roosters and chickens, geese and ducks - enrichment tours are offered for children of different ages. Goat milking and bottle feeding the lambs - the farm offers enrichment activities teaching about the entire goat milking process and methods of goat cheese preparation. Also, bottle feeding the lambs is the highlight of farm activities. Activities at the tent encampment - various enriching activities are available at the Bedouin tent, based on the different attractions of Hadkalim Farm. Suitable for kindergartens and elementary school children. Various arts & crafts activities - experiential learning about preparing olive oil, packing olives into jars, and more. Requires pre-scheduling. Hadkalim Farm is among the richest, most spacious events venues offering that unique natural desert vibe.
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Phone: 0777295752
Address: Naama Farm

Naama Farm

  Come and relax in a magical atmosphere overlooking a pastoral landscape on the edge of Nahal Gerar at Naama Farm camping site The farm raises sheep, grows grains and olives and cultivates tourism, including a lodge, motorhome park, camping site and a complex for social events. The farm's amenities include well-organized sleeping quarters, a dining room and a fully equipped kitchen, a showers/toilets complex,  campfire and barbecue areas and a petting zoo. Everything one needs for an efficient, cozy and self-indulgent camping experience that still delivers a fully immersive sensation of the great outdoors. Visitors are offered guided tours of the sheep pen, including milking withactive participation in lambs' bottle feeding. The entire site is built with visitors' maximum comfort in mind and is fully accessible to people with disabilities. Accommodation options: 6 air-conditioned accommodation units, each suited for 8 guests. 2 luxurious B&Bs. 2 large units, each suited for 24 guests. Tenting *Optional: mattress rental Motorhome park, including connection to electricity, water and use of the lodge facilities. And, of course, breathtaking views from every corner. For more information and costs, please contact us.  
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Nir Moshe Bike Trail

Please ride carefully and responsibly, adhere to all traffic rules and pay attention to signage. Difficulty level: medium Route length: 10 km Start and end point: Nir Mosher Forest, opposite the entrance to Moshav Nir Moshe. Summary of the area: In the Nir Moshe Forest, there is a great variety of trees, including pines, cypresses, eucalyptus, and sycamores, and within it winds the bike trail that KKL-JNF has paved. The single track is marked by wooden posts with a drawing of a bicycle inside a blue circle and a blue arrow in the direction of traffic. Summary of the route: North of the entrance to Moshav Nir Moshe, you will notice an explanatory sign on the bike trail and turn left with the signage toward the single track. The trail begins in a young grove and later reaches an open area and returns into the grove. After 6.2 km, we will reach a fork with signs for two directions - Right to the continuation of the single ; Straight to the single leading toward Kibbutz Dorot and the Ruhama and Dorot singletracks. Photography credit: Ilan Shaham Map: *The information is taken from the Lamedavesh and Mountain Bike Trails of the KKL-JNF websites
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Phone: 077-7295881
Address: Nir Akiva, 55

The Hamra Studio - in our yard

Hamra Studio A ceramics studio engaged in the construction industry - sinks, tiles, lighting fixtures, latticework windows and functional tableware. The studio offers a large display and sales gallery. Craft classes are also held in the studio. There are weekly morning/afternoon/evening sessions. It is possible to book one-time workshops, as well. We host employee unions, birthday parties, etc...
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Phone: 077-7295766
Address: Nir akiva

Goldsmithing Studio - Iftach Koenigsfeld

Studio for traditional jewelry design in gold, silver, gems and diamonds.   I have been engaged in goldsmithing for three decades. I display handmade pieces in gold, silver, gems and diamonds. We offer goldsmithing fundamental studies, advanced courses and one-off workshops suitable for novices, where one can experience goldsmithing and leave with your own handmade jewelry. You may also coordinate couples workshops to design your own wedding rings and similar items. One-time workshops cost NIS 300 per person plus the price of materials (gold, silver, gems). Workshop duration: 3 hours. Number of participants: 2-4 per workshop. The workshops and courses must be coordinated and booked in advance by phone.
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Phone: 077-7295710
Address: Maagalim

Designs from the Heart

Designs from the Heart Studio My name is Einat Levi. I am the owner of the design and ambiance studio. I invite you to a unique, enriching creative experience. The studio holds various arts and crafts workshops that introduce and allow experimentation with diverse materials: Macrame, mosaic, embroidery, mandala painting, wood print, paper design I believe that the power of artistic creation allows everyone to have an authentic encounter with their own selves. After a conversation and pre-arrangement, the workshops are tailored to the customers, be it couples, groups, inside or outside the studio - *Couples workshops - bonding and bringing people closer. The couple meets a world different from anything it has known. Suitable as a gift. *Family/group workshops - team-building and an experience you'd cherish for years. *Group empowerment workshops - incorporating group dynamics (up to 10 people in the studio/ 20 people outside)
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Phone: 077-7295718
Address: Zrua

Bar BaMidbar - Horseback Riding School

Bar BaMidbar - Horseback Riding School The most professional riding school in the South invites you to an unforgettable riding experience in the Western Negev. We are located in Moshav Zru'a, about 10 minutes from Bet Kama Interchange (Road 6), in the heart of green fields. You can book various riding activities like riding trips in the fields, riding lessons for all levels, a unique riding experience, group training activities, birthday parties, and more, and enjoy the most beautiful, well-trained horses in the South, escorted by our professionals, in a rural, pastoral atmosphere. Riding activities - for all age-groups Horseback riding trips from age 8 , including helmets, for riders up to 100 kg. Participants must sign a health declaration. The school is active all year round and in all seasons. We specialize in diverse activities and keep well-trained and experienced horses and professional staff members
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Phone: 077-7295722
Address: sde zvi

Halomot LaPaz

A boutique holiday complex in Moshav Sde Tzvi, connecting nature, simplicity and love. 3 different-sized suites. The guestrooms are made of clay and wood, nestling in a magical location with a sense of 'times gone by.' Each suite has private pools (heated in season). You'll find endless open spaces with cultivated fields, incredible sunsets,a sea breeze, and a 'time stands still' atmosphere. In addition, the complex offers a rural holiday home for small groups (up to 6 persons).
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Phone: 077-7295737
Address: Talmei Bilu

Kerem Hazeitim (the Olive Groves)

Three magical guestrooms and a villa for family accommodation. The guest rooms are spacious and are surrounded by an amazing complex with lawns, a shaded thicket, a huge olive grove reflected from the decks, a splendid view with clear air, a BBQ corner, a large jacuzzi, spa, a huge pool, and so much more... There is the option for catered meals (to be booked in advance) for those who want to bask in total relaxation. The guestrooms are nestled inside the olive grove.
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Phone: 077-7295873
Address: Tifrach

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Itamari Mansion

‘Itamari’ is a boutique suites complex located in the Negev Desert of Israel. The complex is newly built and includes 3 beautifully designed modern suites and a pool loft suite. The suites are surrounded by an amazing variety of fruit trees such as figs, pomegranates, oranges, lemons and sabra, palm trees filled with dates, and a huge olive grove only a few steps away. The location offers a pastoral vibe while having all the amenities you want. The amenities list includes a saltwater pool, chilling and seating areas for all group sizes, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, BBQ areas, a rustic bar, pool table, ping pong table and a full-size Gymboree area for the kids! The loft suite is located right on the edge of the pool, and is the largest suite out of the four. It includes a lounge area with speakers and a screening system for Karaoke and presentations, a kitchen, a dining room and a bedroom. The loft suite can host up to 20 guests. Each of the other suites includes a modern high-end furniture package with queen size bed, fold-out sofa, breakfast bar, large LED screen with premium channels package, Nespresso machine, and a fully equipped kitchen. Each suite can host up to 8 guests. Itamari is the perfect place for family vacations, Bachelorette parties, honeymoons, as well as preparation and photo shooting venue, and more. *The site also suits religious people and includes a Shabbat hot plate, separated sinks and utensils, and several synagogues within walking distance of the property.
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Phone: 077-7295794
Address: Maslul

Stav in the village

A new and clean unit with complete privacy located in a magical farm. The farm serves as a unique photo complex in the south, full of particularly photogenic positions. The farm has a horse farm - The horses are tamed and very kind, you can approach them with pleasure. The unit is within walking distance from Adi Negev - Rehabilitation Hospital (10 minutes walk, 1 minute by car). The unit is very close to Eshkol Park (about 10 minutes drive, and about 12 minutes drive to the rope bridge). The unit has a separate and private entrance to the unit including a small garden and a nice sitting area outside, you can have a barbecue in the garden. What's in the unit: Free WI FI, free parking, the unit has a double bed and a sofa that opens to another single bed. Air conditioning, Hot cable TV, shower and toilet, wardrobe, dining area. Kitchen equipped with everything you need including: oven, large refrigerator, gas stove, microwave, sink, pots, plates, glasses, cutlery, wine glasses, special serving utensils. In addition, you can park special vehicles in the closed complex (such as: motorcycles and RZR).
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Phone: 077-7295859
Address: Moshav Nir Akiva

Kfar Navon - Ecological Hospitality Center

Kfar Navon - an eco-agri-tourism center located in the Northern Negev Kfar Navon is a hospitality and recreation center offering activities for couples, families and groups. The village features several guesthouses and a khan (inn). The different areas are separated, allowing complete privacy for guests. We offer regular maintenance and maximum comfort. Here you can enjoy refreshing plunge pools, barbecue areas, an orchard and organic vegetable patches, a campfire area, a sandbox for children, a view and open spaces for hikers and cyclists, and charming "recreation and relaxation" areas for sitting and resting. * Meals can be ordered in advance. The village is entirely ecological, with recycling and composting areas, separate pools used for purifying and cleaning gray water, an anaerobic system and a green basin for purifying black water. Hydroponic nursery. Mudhouse. Spice gardens and fruit trees orchard. Moshav Nir Akiva offers soccer and basketball fields, a nice little park with swings and fitness facilities and a synagogue. The Moshav is near the Bet Kama Junction (Road 6) and the Hagadi Junction (Netivot); an hour's drive from the country's center, near Havat Shikmin and the "Bitronot Ruhama" nature reserve. The place is partially accessible for people with disabilities.
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Phone: 077-7295850
Address: Nir Akiva


Yoav Rozen, a carpenter and wood artist, opened the "Hapundak" - a place that blends great music and fine dining, in the delightful, rustic atmosphere of Nir Akiva's lush, green, open fields. Hapundak's signature dish is the handmade pizza in a wood-burning oven that Yoav built from mud and bricks. The pizzas are made from high-quality dough Yoav prepares himself with great passion, after learning and experimenting in numerous dough workshops. The fresh toppings are original and made from ingredients grown in Yoav's and Elinor's vegetable patch. The place serves as a meeting point for friends, and families with children, for whom we built swings, family games, a sandbox complex and an intimate concert area. You are welcome to enjoy delicious food and a charming atmosphere. We are waiting for you. The place observes Shabbat - please do not phone. The restaurant is kosher-dairy but does not have a kosher certificate. The menu also offers vegan and vegetarian dishes. Gluten-free salads. Accessible to people with disabilities. With pre-booking, the place can serve as a closed-event venue for up to 50 people.
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