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Agur – Navigation Activities for Families and Organizations

Our events are held outside – in the great outdoors

Want to spend a special day in nature? Looking for an enriching activity and an experience for the whole family? Long to escape the daily grind and spend some quality time with the kids or the folks from work?

Agur specializes in team-building games, managers’ workshops and family activities, both outdoors and in various attractions across Israel. Our “playground” is the great outdoors, in the most beautiful natural spots or urban hidden gems.

We navigate the Dvira Forest, Lahav Forest, Be’eri Forest, HaKomemiyut Forest (near Metzudat Yoav, also called Yoav Fortress), Ashkelon National Park, HaBsor National Park (Eshkol Park) and many other locations nationwide.

We shall meet you in a parking lot somewhere in the forest; You will receive a map and a quiz, and then be sent on your merry way. You will set up the pace and the route, decide when to stop and when to go back. The activity suits kids and adults, and no prior experience is required. Apps are useless here, so disconnect from your screens and join us.

Participation in the activity requires pre-registration

For organized groups – activities can be coordinated during all weekdays.


Phone: 077-7295796
Address: Rimon Farm

Rimon Farm

Rimon Farm is a therapeutic agricultural farm established by an Air Force pilot who, following an attack where his friend was killed, decided to make a difference and establish a therapeutic farm to assist at-risk youth. Through sustainable agriculture and a supportive communal environment, this facility offers a chance for girls and boys who have dropped out of school. Various crops grow on the farm: a wine vineyard, an olive grove, an edible forest, a citrus orchard and seasonal vegetable plots. We use natural methods, without chemical pesticides/fertilizers and with minimum disturbance to the soil. We invite you to experience a fascinating agricultural tour that tells the story of the place, the challenge of establishing a farm in the Negev, and its educational-therapeutic process alongside agriculture and ecology. At the end of the tour, you will be treated to freshly picked herbal tea from the herbs we gathered on-tour. The Duration of the tour: Half an hour Entry to the farm is subject to prepayment (the number of places is limited) More activities at the site: Arts & Crafts hubs for kids Local sale of fresh farm produce, and more See you at the farm!
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Phone: 077-7295735
Address: Lahav Forest

The Joe Alon Center

The Joe Alon Center is an educational tourist center teaching about the Negev settlement and culture and which includes the only museum of its kind in the world for Bedouin culture, offering a fascinating presentation on the  which Bedouin life-style through the years under the extreme conditions of the area. The Joe Alon Center includes an extensive presentation on the period of the Bar Kokhba revolt with options for a range of activities in the forest. The museum is located at the heart of Lahav Forest, and is an excellent spot for bicycle rides, hikes and trips by car.
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Phone: 077-7295809
Address: Hatzerim

Hatzerim Tourism

Golden Desert  Gather at the new visitor center to watcha short film about Kibbutz Hatzerim, the Netafim company and the global agricultural-technological revolution it is leading. A fascinating explanation about the Jojoba industry in Hatzerim that paints the Negev green, and the production of the "Golden Desert" oil - the pure, unique cosmetic Jojoba oil produced in the Jojoba plantations located around Kibbutz Hatzerim and throughout the Negev - Visitors may purchase pure cosmetic Jojoba oil and other products on-site. *Visit duration: about 50 minutes   The Green Negev Captivating training session in the Jojoba plantations: advanced and unique agriculture based on drip technologies that "paints the Negev green." *Tour duration: about 1.5 hours Art & Agriculture Gather at the new visitor center and watch a short film about Kibbutz Hatzerim and its industries. Mounted guided tour along the "Sculpture Route" - a unique project of Kibbutz Hatzerim members with the KKL-JNF - "A dialogue between art, nature and history in the desert." or  A visit to kibbutz's "The Shack" Museum (Hatzrif) to learn about the story of Hatzerim from the moment it broke ground until today, and life in a  cooperative community.
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Phone: 077-7295797
Address: Taashur

Bereshit Tools - Experience with Fire

Bereshit Tools pottery uses an ancient Japanese technique of burning the pieces in an “Engema” wood burner. The burning lasts three days and reaches a heat of 1300 degrees. The burning in flames creates warm and vibrant colorfulness, which exposes the material’s natural richness. The visit includes: touring the studio, acquaintance with the “Engema” wood burner, an explanation about the creation process and a visit to the gallery.
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Phone: 077-7295877
Address: Givot Bar

Einot Bar - Water Treatments and Experiences

Einot Bar - Water Treatments and Experiences A unique, delightful treatment pool provides diverse water treatments utilizing different techniques The pool is built of wood, transparent partitions and a brick wall, flooded with desert light and heated to 34-35o C. The pool offers seating and relaxation areas. The unique ambiance is sure to inspire our guests. Watsu Treatments - A two-hour stay, including 45 minutes of Watsu treatment (Water Shiatsu), accompanied by relaxing underwater music, soft robes, towels, and tasty refreshments. By pre-order only. The place is accessible to people with disabilities. We also serve brunch or lunch, featuring a rich menu of Negev products, including vegan or vegetarian options. Reservations only.
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Phone: 077-7295727
Address: Lahave Forest

The Har Shemesh Family Farm

Har Shemesh Farm is a family animal farm located on the outskirts of Lahav forest, near Kibbutz Dvir. The farm was established in 1992 by Moshe and Shulamit Har Shemesh, parents to nine children, immigrants from the United States, and avid Zionists with passion and love for the land of Israel. On the farm, located in an impressive scenic spot, the Har Shemesh family lives in interesting trailers that seem as if they were taken from the production of a Hollywood movie. Visitors will learn about the farm's activities, raising sheep and cattle for meat alongside various agricultural crops. We will discuss the need to establish individual farms and settlement points in the Negev and learn about the challenges and complexities over the years concerning agricultural terrorism and the need to regulate settlements. We will also talk about the sheep and beef breeding industry, the need for extensive pastures and the moral issues arising from this agricultural activity. And all this will be delivered through a guided tour of the barn and the farm. Please call us to book your tour.
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Alon Singletrack at Lahav Forest

This information is a recommendation only. Please ride carefully and responsibly. Some routes are for mixed-use of vehicles and cyclists. Riders must adhere to all traffic rules and pay attention to the signage. Difficulty level: Medium Route length: 13.4 km. Start and end point: Jo Alon Center, Lahav Forest Summary of the trip area: A circular route called the Alon Single track was paved in the Lahav Forest. It runs through the entire forest and includes panoramic views between natural woodland and archaeological sites. On the eastern edge of the forest are the Rimon ruins, impressive remains of an ancient synagogue, and dozens of caves that were used for living, agricultural storage facilities and more, testifying to a large Jewish settlement that existed here. On the other side of the forest, one would find Khirbat Abu Hof, with the remains of two large churches, a columbarium, agricultural facilities and more. The singlet rack is marked by wooden poles with a red sign on a white background. Summary of the route: The single track entry is quite bumpy at first, with several ups and downs between trees, flowers and views of the hills of the Lahav Reserve and the Lachish area. Finally, the single descends into a wide valley and meets Be'er Tilla. The single track continues climbing toward the peak of Lahave Mountain. From there, you may continue on the Alon Single track or take a right toward Rimon Singletrack. Photography credit: Ilan Shaham   Map: *The information is taken from the Lamedavesh and Mountain Bike Trails of the KKL-JNF websites
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Phone: 077-7295706
Address: Kramim

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Kibbutz Kramim Guest Rooms

Luxurious and pleasant rural accommodation in the South, just 15 minutes from Beer Sheva, at found at Kibbutz Kramim. The site has various rustic wooden cabins designed for families and couples and also offers modest kibbutz-style hospitality. The complex features barbecue areas, swings, hammocks, extensive lawns and more. The kibbutz offers a Holistic Treatments Center, Paintball and a Horse Farm, making it a lovely spot for families and larger groups. The accommodation units are built of wood, each with its own fully equipped kitchenette, barbecue, AC, wi-fi, and cable/satellite TV. There is a pool in a nearby settlement offering discounted admission prices for our guests.
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Phone: 077-7295793
Address: Givot Bar

Desert Oyster - accommodation complex and B&Bs

The "Desert Oyster" hospitality complex is located in Giv'ot Bar in the Northern Negev, near hiking trails, flourishing nature reserves, tourist complexes, and family attractions - a 10-minute drive from the city of Be'er Sheva, which offers a variety of shopping centers and entertainment venues. The complex features two comfortable, self-indulgent and well-equipped B&Bs for up to 6 persons each and an accommodation complex for group recreation, family events and more - overlooking the open desert landscape with spectacular sunsets, suitable for a vacation in the Northern Negev or for business owners who need an accommodation solution in the area. In addition, there is a small and unique event complex suitable for groups of up to 50 people. The site offers a large pool (5 x 11 meters) heated all year long, with a spacious toddlers' area where they can bathe safely, and a designated place for a large umbrella in the center, to protect their gentle skin. The pool can be closed with an electric cover to prevent the unsupervised entrance of children. The complex also offers toilets and showers, a large and luxurious jacuzzi (for 8 people), a ping-pong table, 2 dining tables, seating areas, sunbeds, a wireless music system and a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.
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Phone: 077-7295877
Address: Givot Bar

Eynot Bar

Take a break for both body and soul, close your eyes and feel a moment of peace. Take a deep breath and connect to the desert slopes. Float in warm water and listen to calming underwater music, drink tea made from desert herbs and rest in concept suites, order incredible hydrotherapy treatments and just give yourself true rest. The site has 2 guest house units: Negev – located on the edge of a hill and overlooking the slopes of the desert. A small lake is filled in winter and visible from the unit, and a magnificent desert savannah with filling sunsets is visible all over. Desert – located on the first floor and overlooks the Negev expanses, magnificent sunsets and a spectacular sight filling in its open spaces. Boutique holiday villa "Facing the Savannah" - suitable for a group or family of 6-12 people. This boutique villa features 3 pleasant bedrooms, a bathroom with robes and towels and two restrooms a spacious living room containing seating areas and beds, and a large kitchen equipped with the best electrical appliances for meal preparation, i.e., all tableware, cookware and serving dishes. A sitting that offers our guests quality books, board games, and free internet access. The villa has a magical outdoor balcony, an authentic dining area, and a sitting area overlooking the desert landscape. What can be found outside? Swimming pool, water treatments and unique experiences for the whole family. "Einot Bar" offers a hydrotherapy complex of water treatments and experiences suitable for all ages!
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Phone: 077-7295872
Address: קפסולה עגלת קפה Cupsolla


A great coffee cart where you can find sandwiches, fresh salads, sweet and savory pastries, cookies and cakes prepared by our confectioner every morning. Come and enjoy excellent locally made coffee, cold and refreshing infusions, and a good atmosphere. [gallery ids="25738,25730,25728" orderby="rand"]
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Phone: 077-7295733
Address: Kramim


"Caffella" A boutique coffee cart with a joyful atmosphere on Fridays in Kibbutz Kramim. Music, delicious quality pastries, homemade sandwiches, perfect coffee and much more... Located near a horse farm and easy walking trails. *On midweek days, by prior arrangement, you can order a picnic basket for rent/purchase and breakfasts for groups (minimum 20 people).
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Phone: 077-7295756
Address: Lahav Forest

Netanel Restaurant

A magical restaurant in the Lahav Forest Close your eyes and imagine standing in an enchanting forest clearing  surrounded by pine trees . Take a deep breath of the fresh, clean air, listen to the chirping birds and surrender to the serenity and freedom from the daily hustle and bustle. You have reached Netanel at Shvadron Farm in the Lahav Forest. Netanel's restaurant features an authentic, rustic design and is a preferred venue for business events and group gatherings. It serves a high-end, kosher dairy/meat menu. Perfect for families, small and large groups alike. Natanel at the Shvadron Farm - a delightful experience in the Lahav Forest  
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Phone: 077-7295841
Address: Dvira Interchange

Si Café, Dvira

Keeping it fresh and healthy Between Bet Kama and Lehavim junctions lies a beautiful branch of the Si Café chain. To sense 'La Bella Italia' in every bite Enjoy our wonderful pizzas and focaccias straight from the oven; Quality coffee and a wide selection of fresh pastries, sandwiches, pasta, and salads - all made on the spot. In our new, beautifully designed complex you can also enjoy indulge yourselves with breakfasts, a selection of meat, dairy and vegan sandwiches, and fresh salads prepared on-site. We also offer decadent picnic baskets by pre-ordering. Road 6 - between the Bet Kama and Lehavim junctions.
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