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Chez Pepo – An Artistic Winery

“At Pepo’s Vinyard” – For art and wine lovers.

Pepo planted the small home-grown vineyard about 20 years ago in the backyard of his house in Kibbutz Or Haner. Over the years, and as the vineyard continued to develop, Pepo also started the picturesque family winery, where the entire wine production process is carried out – from harvest through fermentation, aging, and until the wine is ready to rest in barrels.

In addition to being a winemaker, he is also a metal artisan. You can see his works in the open gallery in the house’s courtyard while sipping a glass of wine and looking at the picture-perfect Tuscan-like landscape.

 we host groups for Winery and vineyard tours or Art and wine sessions.


* There is parking on site

* The activity in the complex is not suitable for families with children

* Entry with pets/animals is sometimes allowed – depending on the activity on the premises. Pets are allowed on leashes (owners must be responsible for cleaning after their pets)

* The wines are not kosher. Food products are kosher, but not all have the kosher stamp.

*Arrival by appointment only.

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  • Not Kosher

Phone: 077-7295761
Address: Ruhama

Habarzelia (Blacksmith)

My name is Amnon Greenspan. I am a master blacksmith with over 20 years of experience in traditional and modern blacksmithing. "I like to capture moments from nature and breathe new life into them through metal and fire." Blacksmithing is one of the oldest functional art forms, going back to around 1500 BC. It is believed to have originated in the Middle East during the Iron Age. "Habarzelia" is located in Kibbutz Ruhama, in an authentic building with a unique history. Blacksmithing Workshops Families, couples or colleagues, birthday celebrations, or family/social events - have the chance to discover the magic of forging in iron through personal experience. The workshop introduces an ancient craft and a profession that has nearly disappeared. During the workshop, you will actively create an artistic or functional object you  to keep as a souvenir. Suitable for men, women and children over the age of 14. The workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 participants. Those who wish to delve deeper into the field can take an introductory 7-class blacksmithing course. Group visits include an actual demonstration of the blacksmith's work, a fascinating explanation of the world of blacksmithing and the history of the place. The number of visitors is unlimited.
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The Shikma Circular Bike Trails

This information is a recommendation only. Please ride carefully and responsibly. Some routes are for mixed-use of vehicles and cyclists. Riders must adhere to all traffic rules and pay attention to the signage. Difficulty level: Basic riding proficiency Route length: The first part of the trail, from Kibbutz Dorot to Ruhama, is about 8.5 km. The basic alternative to return to Ruhama for Dorot is about 6.3 km. (Dorot-Ruhma-Dorot Basic Trail is about 14.6 km). The Northern loop alternative from Ruhama to Dorot is about 11.5 km (Dorot-Ruhma-Dorot through the Northern loop is about 20 km). From the Northern loop, the "Bror Hayil Loop" splits off, about 19.5 km (Dorot-Ruhma-Dorot via Bror Hayil Loop is about 28 km). Start and end point: The Shikma Region single tracks have three possible entrances - The entrance to Kibbutz Ruhama; The entrance to Kibbutz Dorot, and; On the Shikma Scenic Trail, near Bror Hayil. For a circular route it is advisable to start at Dorot or Ruhama. Summary of the trip area: Spectacular vistas of the Ruhama ravines and rolling hills expose the rider to beauty towards the Hebron mountains and the lowlands. In season one can witness magnificent blossom carpets. The single tracks in the Shikma Region are made into circular loops, which allow for several alternatives of different lengths and different levels of effort; the route in the area is marked with green signage. Summary of the route: From the entrance of Kibbutz Dorot - start at the kibbutz gate, turn left on the dirt road with the single track sign into the woods, through the nearby fields and into the Dorot Stream channel. The single track continues towards the Ruhama Stream channel and then splits - to the right. to the northern loop; to the left to Dorod. On the way back, you will see the Gmama ruins (remains of buildings, caves and cisterns that indicate settlement in different eras). The single track continues along the route of the Ruhama Stream channel and finally turns left on a wide trail, crossing the road in front of the entrance to Kibbutz Dorot. This is the end of the route. Northern Loop: From the fork, the single track continues for a bit, then connects to a wide eolianite trail that climbs towards the observation tower. Taking a short walk, you can see the mosaic floor, a remnant of a monastery from the 6th century AD. The single track continues through the ravines, with ups and downs, toward the Ruhama Stream channel and integrates into the basic single track back to Kibbutz Dorot. Bror Hayil Loop: From the fork, the single track climbs in another turn and finally exits onto a wide trail between the fields and hills of the Shikma Nature Reserve. The single track continues towards the Hatzav Stream gorge. Finally, the single track continues toward the entrance to Bror Hayil and integrates back to Kibbutz Dorot. Photography credit: Ilan Shaham Map: *The information is taken from the Lamedavesh and Mountain Bike Trails of the KKL-JNF websites
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Phone: 0777295778
Address: Kibbutz Ruhama

The First Settlers Site

The story of the first settlement in the Negev in recent times together with a short film. 100 years for the first settlement in the Negev in the First Settlers Site in Kibbutz Ruhama! Ruhama was re-established four times and destroyed three times by natural disasters and by man, and it shall not fall a fourth time!
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Phone: 077-7295887
Address: Bror Hayil

Carnes - Grilled Meats

"C A R N E S" - Grilled meats - Asado workshop, Kibbutz Bror Hayil The workshop includes: - Explanations about the types of fire sources and grilling methods, meat cuts and what is suitable for each dish - Explanation of the preparation stages - Preparing together: chimichurri, garlic bread, and caipirinha - and throwing everything else on the grill - All explanations and preparations are done in the presence of the participants, with their active participation in some stages During the workshop, we "nibble" on freshly-made garlic bread, chicken breast in sweet chili sauce, and kebabs and drink our caipirinha. Then, we move on to the main course, a meal that includes: aged entrecote, aged boneless Asado (for groups of 20 people or more), chicken thighs, chorizos, salads, rice and black beans (a typical Brazilian dish). The entire workshop is accompanied by various explanations about what is being done, how, why, etc. All raw materials and workshop equipment are kosher. On Fridays and Saturdays, you are invited to enjoy an Asado meal - by pre-order.
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Phone: 077-7295790
Address: mefalsim

The Art of Glass - Chana Segal

My name is Hanna Segal. In recent years, I have mastered the art of glass, specifically glass fusing. Fusing is an art form that incorporates raw material on which the artwork is built and painted. Then, it is placed in a kiln on a special mold. Molten in the kiln, the colors and image merge with the glass and the final piece is obtained through this fusing process. A wide variety of tools and artworks can be created this way. The pieces include Judaica (Hamsa Talismans, Mezuzahs, etc.), jewelry and various utensils. Workshops capacity: up to 5-6 participants. Suitable for children from age 8.  
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Phone: 077-7295732
Address: Ruhama

Zvika's Farm

Zvika and Bar host hiking groups and families from all over the country! With us, you can have fun days, birthdays, events, workshops, and more... Our farm has 2 large air-conditioned khans, each 100 sqm, equipped with mats, carpets, mattresses and pillows. In addition, there is a large pool overlooking a breathtaking view!! The fully equipped kitchen near the khan includes a refrigerator, freezer, oven, ice machine, deep fryer, hot plate, microwave, stove top and all kitchen utensils required for self-cooking. The showers and toilets are 15 meters from the accommodation, with non-stop hot water. We offer horseback riding tours, jeep and bicycle trips, fun days and training sessions. You can also order breakfast and dinner that we prepare on the spot :)
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Phone: 077-7295763
Address: Ruhama


Village Flavors: Customized Picnic Baskets: Starting at NIS 250 (including bread and pastries, 6 side dishes and salads, lemonade, cakes/cookies for dessert, tableware and utensils, and tablecloth). Picnic baskets should be booked up to one day before the requested date. Made-to-order catering trays: Sandwiches and pastries (gluten-free available) by pre-order. In-House hosting for up to 30 people by reservation. In addition - kosher meals on-the-go for groups.
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Phone: 077-7295799
Address: Kibbutz Bror Hayil

BarBosa - Brazilian Grillhouse

Brazilian immigrants brought many good things to Israel The joy of life (joie de vivre), relaxation, lively music, and delicious meat! All these and more can be found with us in Kibbutz Bror Hayil in the Gaza Belt Region, the stronghold of Brazilians in Israel. BarBosa is home to boutique events with a Brazilian beat! Experts in producing high-level events accompanied by quality meat experience using a unique grilling method typical of Brazilian culture. Additionally, various events can be held at the venue: Family - Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthdays and more. Tours of the Gaza Belt region and the anemones blossom. Businesses - team building days, conferences, course evenings and more. We will be delighted to share your joy and create a one-of-a-kind event for you with a great attitude and professionalism.
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Phone: 077-7295709
Address: Or Haner


Patagonia Restaurant - Argentinian Asado Grill Please note - the restaurant is currently open for hosting groups by appointment only Talking about meats on the way south means  anArgentinian Grill. The Patagonia restaurant in Kibbutz Or HaNer, which was founded by Argentine Jews, serves exactly what you are waiting for. The Patagonia restaurant was created out of a deep desire for meat and has offered friendly, warm service since 2005. A South-American style meat restaurant serving entrecote, Asado and other meats imported from Argentina. The restaurant can accommodate groups for private events, ranging between 35 – 150 guests.
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