In all markets you can satisfy hunger and find a variety of activities

'TEKRAM Cluster' Near Tzochar

Every Thursday 12:00 – 19:00 • Every Friday 9:00 - 14:00 • Free Admission • 077-7295827
A farmer's market with excellent local products in a designed greenhouse, colorful stalls filled with fruits, vegetables, cheeses, olive oil, olives, spreads and dips, pastries, flowers, potted plants and more. Different activities are offered every week for children, for adults, an integrated shopping experience combined with evening entertainment. The complex has a pleasant atmosphere, good music, fine food, and other surprises. In the old Habsor school complex.

A farmer's market and designers at Kohav Michael
Every Friday • 8:30 15:00 • Entrance is free of charge • 077-7295874
Local products market and handicrafts of residents of the south. The market includes a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit from the field, a variety of handmade local food stands: pastas, authentic ethnic dishes, breads, boutique cheeses, sauces and jams spreads, olive oil and olives, cakes and cookies and a boutique beer. In addition, a variety of designer stands: jewelry, baby and children's products, flowers, ornaments, woodwork and more. There will be activities for children and live music.

Shukshova in Shuva

Friday • 1.2 – 8.2 – 1.3 • 10:00 – 14:00 • Admission is free of charge • 077-7295884

An artists and farmers market from the region: artists of glass, ceramics and painting and ‎handicrafts artists. Local produce: pastries, bread and t‎reats. An indoor coffee shop, food stalls, music and a good atmosphere, inflatables and activities for children, a safari car ride with drop stations in Be'er Merva, and Shokeda forest to watch the kalaniot. Bicycle rental by fee. David Farm Nr. 2.

An artists' fair and a rural market in the Globus Center complex at Ashkelon South Junction

Every weekend 10:00 – 16:00
All you have to do is enter free of charge
An art fair and a colorful country market on the way to the kalaniot fields. A variety of artisan stalls offering jewelry, ceramics, textiles, pictures, bags, woodwork, vases, cheeses, oil, natural juices, fruits and vegetables, spreads, flowers and potted plants, cakes and cookies. A variety of activities: camel riding, pony riding, pedal bike, inflatables, and more. A variety of food stands: sausages, corn, jehnun, Druze pita, foul, lupine and more. Shopping and entertainment experience for the entire family, offering dozens of shops and brands: coffee shops and restaurants, unique lifestyle stores, fashion brands from Israel and abroad, boutique stores, cinemas, and a huge playground for children.

A producers fair on the kibbutz from the Marcketito House in the Hamam in Tze'elim

The Weekend of 2. 8-9 10:00 16:00 • Admission is free of charge. •  077-7295802
A magical fair in an atmosphere of chic and style. Old and new artists from all walks of life: Home styling, fashion, vintage, jewelry, handbags, the world of the child, textile and more, all original, quality and other. Creative workshops for children and a pleasant atmosphere with an abroad flavor, music, fine culinary and many more surprises for adults.

Cheese Market - Dairy Be’eri
All weekends: 10:00 – 15:00 • 077-7295767
A rich and varied selection of handmade dairy cheeses from cow milk, including tastings and explanations. The market will take place at the "La Medavesh" bicycle shop in Be’eri and other centers. Kosher. You can have cheese and combine with bicycle rentals for trips in the area. New: Delivery to home. Details on Facebook: Be’eri Dairy.

A rural market in the middle of the road. Kfar Aza
Every Saturday • 10:00  16:00• Admission is free of charge • 077-7295880
A colorful market with the best products of the region. Children's play and recreation, Bedouin tent, camel riding, agricultural products, olive oil, art works, adventure facilities, music and atmosphere. Asado and food stalls.


A rural circus and a ' by the water' market in the Besor Park (Eshkol)

Every Saturday,  10:00 – 16:00 – 077-7295753 *9363 free of charge (for the owners of a Matmon card)
A colorful rural market next to the Besor springs, offering: a rural complex from Negev production - vegetables, fruits and delicacies, ethnic dishes site, art and handicrafts, antiques and a creative area, workshops and activities for children. Alongside the market there will be an exciting rural circus show at 12:00, 15:00, workshops for circus skills and guided tours.

Shukshukon in Dorot

Saturday 2.2, 23.2 • 10:00 –14:00 • Entrance is free of charge • 077-7295746

In sit is the “bakery pub”, a family happening and an entrepreneurial market, and personal products: wines, pastries and sweets, second hand products, art and crafts, carpentry corner for children.


Shukran at the Beit Kama junction

Saturday • 9.2, 16.2 • 10:00 – 14:00 • Entrance is free of charge

The wanderer Bedouin Market: Odors, flavors and Bedouin spices Journey to a magical desert world. In the market are authentic handmade Bedouin products, natural creams made from desert plants, jewelry, embroidery, unique spices, and medicinal herbs, grounded Bedouin coffee, handmade products, homemade foods, olive oil, unique pickles and dips. Sweets and Bedouin cookies