Tours with historical scent

Heritage Center Gush Katif in Nitzan

Every Tuesday 12:00 • Every Friday 10:00 – 12:00 • In coordination • Not on Saturday • 077-7295771

A value experience through a Jewish, Israeli story. A tour and an authentic human encounter with the story of Gush Katif for its periods. From the age of ten and up. For groups all week, in coordination.


“A stronghold in front of Gaza” in Sa'ad

Every Friday • 9:00 – 13:00• In coordination • not on Saturday • 077-7295773

The story of the steadfastness of the religious kibbutzim: Sa'ad, Kfar Darom and Be’erot Yitzhak against the Egyptians in the War of Independence. Sa’ad from the independence until the Tzuk Eitan operation. View rare accessories and documents. A guided tour of the museum and a view of Gaza, including an audiovisual spectacle. In coordination: a tour of the kibbutz, the synagogue, the cactus garden and the possibility of dining.


“The Black Arrow” Site

Every Friday 10:00 – 13:00 • Every Saturday: 10:00 – 15:00 • Free entrance

Near Kibutz Mefalsim, the 101st IDF unit veterans and the members of the nonprofit association will guide the site about the battles and stories of heroism of the unit commemorating the site and the preservation of the paratroopers' heritage during the period of the 1956-1953 counter terror operations. 1953-1956.


A reconstructed and working water well at “The first” site in Ruhama

Every Saturday (except for 2.9) • 9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00

Settlements Pioneers in the Negev, established a farm in Ruhama and dug a deep well. The story of the unique history of the first Zionist settlement in the Negev, a film that tells the story in special pictures, the experience of pumping water by a giant pump that was restored and ‎reconstructed in the well and that had operated more than 100 years. A family game ‎‎"Look for the history" on site a display of tools from the 1950s, old armored vehicles, ‎picnic tables, toilets. 'Easily picking' tours, collecting field plants, a tasting play, in ‎coordination.‎


Sayeret Shaked Park

• Free • 052-4371780

A guided tour of the park with veterans of the IDF Shaked commando unit, while ‎exercising, blurring and tracing.‎


Mosaic Path to Peace In Netiv Ha’asara

All week • In coordination • 077-7295808

A visit to the visitor’s center, watching the film "Life in the Shadow of the Wall" - a story about the reality of life in the region, historical events and optimism above all. In conclusion, each visitor is invited to choose a colored ceramic stone, write a personal wish on it and paste it on the protective wall.


"The Haggadah of the Yamit Region" in Moshav Dekel

All week • In coordination • 077-7295776

The Visitors Center offers an exciting and inspiring story of the Yamit region from the beginning of the settlement through the evacuation to the decision to rebuild and flourish the Negev. Original training alongside an intriguing display and a short film.


Moreshet Tzon Barzel  in Tze'elim

All week • For groups in coordination • 077-7295777

The renovated museum opens its doors to the public. And tells the story of the Zionist and Israeli heritage expressed in the metal work of a small Jerusalem workshop. A fascinating family story, with thousands of items, symbols, coins and iron reliefs, illustrates the history of the Land of Israel, Zionism and the State of Israel since the beginning of the last century.

Beerot Negev Center in Alumim

All week • For groups in coordination • Not on Saturday • 077-7295799

Familiarity with the fascinating story of "Be'erot Yitzhak" and heritage sites in the area. A guided tour, representing multimedia describing the settlement in the Negev and visiting the tower site. "Dreamers and Warriors" - a fascinating pioneering and Zionist tour. "Treasure Hunt in the Kibbutz" - puzzle and group missions. "The Race to the Kibbutz" - an interactive activity that connects past and present. "Multi-sensory experience" - a unique activity in a kibbutz with all five senses.

Mitzpe Gvulot

All week • For groups in coordination • 077-7295743

Tour and operation in one of the first observation post, a unique restoration of rainwater harvesting systems, a historical bakery reconstructed, a stories teller and various dining options.