Challenge and sports activities

“The Kalaniot Treasure”

Friday, 1.2, 8.2 • 10:00 – 14:00 • In coordination • 077-7295888

An experienced 'navigation' game in a private vehicles. Solidifying activity for companies throughout the week.  in coordination.


Bicycles in Carmia

Sunday to Thursday 10:00 19:00 • Friday to Saturday 8:30 – 16:00 - 077-7295839

“712”  A professional bicycle shop and bicycle rental center for family trips to the flowering nature reserve of Carmia and Nahal Shikma at different levels of difficulty. A variety of children's and toddler chairs that can be connected to bicycles, and tandem bikes. Food stalls, ice cream and drink. Special discounts on store products.


Bicycles at La Medavesh in Be’eri

Monday to Thursday 9:00 – 18:00 • Friday • 7:00 – 15:00 • Saturday • 7:00 – 16:00 • 077-7295716

The bike center offers riding routes for the whole family, bicycle rental for all ages, maps and advice for those who go on trips. Services, a snack bar and a bicycle shop. All week guided tours to groups, in coordination. At the weekend, food stalls, homemade hummus, cheese market, children's activities and handicrafts from the area will be available at the site. New!! Pedaling Carting - small vehicles of different sizes for children’s from age 4 and above.


“Baofen” cycling trips to blooms

All week • until dark • In coordination • 077-7295895

Easy or challenging terrain rides for couples, families and groups. Guided tours or bicycle rentals for independent riding. Exit from Moshav Yachini to a wide range of routes to the flowering centers, by coordination you can transport the bike to other exit points at the flowering centers.


Kohav Archers – Archery (bow and arrow) shutting range in Moshav Kohav Michael

All week • 10:00 – 16:00 • By Coordination 077-7295528

Archery target shooting workshops, challenging activity of shooting with real and professional bows and arrows. During the workshop you will learn how to operate the bow, you will shoot at targets, an enjoyable and cohesive experience. Suitable for families and groups (from the age of 8). Wooden swords and wooden shields painting and decoration and knights battles like in the Middle Ages, food and drink stalls.


“Eshkol ATVs in the Negev” at Moshav Dekel

All week • in coordination • Shabbat every hour • 077-7295851

Guided tours of a wide range of routes, self-driving and guided supervision. Suitable for couples, families and small groups. Accompanied by a coffee break. You can order a picnic basket or an area layout by appointment.


The 12th Be’ery MTK Mountain Bicycles Marathon

Friday 8.2 starting at 8:00 | 077-7295716

The Single Be’ery Marathon, a professional competitive race for 50, 52 and 57 km between the kalaniot carpets, is open to all, including a popular 52-kilometer with no time limits. Exit and parking from La Medavech at the entrance to Kibbutz Be'eri. Starts from 8:00. The end ceremony at 13:00: On site are food and stalls. Register for the competitive race: until 3.2.


KKL kalaniot hike in memory of Shoshana Damari

Saturday 9.2 8:30: 15-00 | Ruchama Badlands Forest Line 1-800-350-550

A hike through green hills. The march has three tracks (2.5, 5.5, 12 km), with information stations all along the trail, operating and training with KKL guides, on the path: jugglers, a singing group and sports games. The tracks are recommended from age 3 and are not suitable for kid’s carts. Along the route are water and toilets. You can have a picnic on “the firsts” site or along the path. Reduced Pre-paid price on site. The parking is only at Sapir College. From there, transportation will be provided to the starting point at “the firsts” site at Ruhama and back at the end. The hike area cannot be reached by private car. Pick up tickets and exit from Sapir College until 12:00. Ticket sales on the day of the event in cash only (if tickets remain). The ticket provides participation in the hike, insurance and a gift for each participant. For information and registration: li.oc.rosbah.www.


The KKL Kalaniot Race

Friday 15.2 8:00 - 12-00 | Shokeda Forest - Be'er Marwa

Race in the heart of fields and flourishing carpets. The race will include 3 competitive distance races: 5 km, 10 km and 15 km, in addition, a popular 2km race for families will be held. The race will take place in the KKL’s Shokeda Forest area, where the participants will enjoy a unique experience of running in spectacular landscapes in the heart of fields and flowerbeds. Races starting 7:40 15 Km, 8:00 10 Km, 8:25 5 Km, 9:40 8:00 (popular) 5 Km. At the end of the races, a ceremony will be held for the award of medals.‎

Participation in the event by registering in advance


'Bicycle between the Kalaniot' - a popular bicycle happening in Be’ery

Saturday 16.2 9:30 staring from La Medavesh  - in Be’ery 077-7295716

A guided bicycle ride for the whole family, accompanied by guides and accompanied by a vehicle, departure in two routes, family and challenge, along the route: explanations, rest stops, Tabun (stone oven) pita bread, refreshments and drinks. 9:30 – registration and organization, bring your bike, helmet and water, at 11:00 starting of raid on both pats, bicycle rental at site only by booking in advance: at 10:00 and at 13:00, a bicycle show and a bicycle juggling and jumps workshop will take place at Le ‎Medavesh yard)‎, At site there will be food stalls, cheese market, handicrafts and children's activities.