For the whole family

A tour of the "Kibbutz Train" in Alumim

• In Coordination •  08:00-16:00 • not on Saturday • 077-7295799

An experiential ride in colored train cars harnessed to a music playing tractor. On the tour we will visit the fields, the avocado grove, the cowshed and the packing houses. We will see various agricultural tools and enjoy professional training.


A local made products fair in Pa’amey Tashaz

Friday 15.2 • 10:00-15:00  • Free entrance • 077-7295883

Sale of agricultural products, mushroom factory tour, chick’s factory tour, “selfie” post and a show for the whole family. Food, music and a good atmosphere.


Colorful Friday in Kibutz Kramim

Friday 2.22 • 10:00-14:00 • 077-7295706

A local environmental happening in the paintball complex and the horse farm: Horseback riding in the flowering fields, a visit to an experiential compound that combines horses, paintball, preparation of pita bread and potatoes in the campfire. Ending in a spotting site and returning on a tractor and cart. An enriching picking tour upon pre-registration.


A sweet kibbutz experience in Yad Mordechai

Every weekend, Friday at 12:00. Saturday: 9:00 – 16:00 • 077-7295701

A visit to the honey and bee house - opening an active hive, preparing wax candles and fresh honey tasting. A tour with a tractor and a cart around the kibbutz and the cowshed. A visit to the site of the restoration of the 1948 battles. Creative and play corners for children and honey cakes backing workshops. In the end, visitors can drive to the kalaniot field nearby.


Horseshoe Farm adjacent to Heletz

• Every weekend, Friday 12:00, Saturday: 9:00 – 16:00: Entrance is free • 077-7295935

A variety of activities for the whole family: creative workshops, inflatables, trampoline, motorized ATVs, pedal cars for children, tractor and cart ride and more. Food stalls, coffee corner, asado, jehnun, ice cream, Bedouin tent, pita bread with labane, assortment of artists' stalls and handicrafts. Activities with a nominal fee. Breakfast will be served on Friday and there will be a food market, and the sale of vegetables and fruit to the Sabbath. A picnic can be held on site.


Rural circus and 'near the water' market In the Besor Park (Eshkol)

Every Saturday, 10:00 – 16:00 077-7295753 / *9363 free of charge for the owners of a “Matmon” card

An exciting country circus, aerial acrobatics performances, classical clowning with audience participation, virtuosic juggling and a fire show. The performances will take place at 12:00, 15:00 throughout the day there will be workshops and circus skills for the whole family: juggling, crutches, rope walking and more. There will be a colorful market with food stalls and children's creative activities. Guided tours of the park at 11:00, 13:00 and 14:00. In the park there are picnic areas, marked trails for cyclists, navigation routes and a night car park.


'Fair in the Village' Happening for the whole family in Nir Moshe

Every Saturday • 10:00 - 16:00 • Admission is free • 077-7295792

On the large lawn in the moshav near the children's playground, a variety of stalls and creative activities for the entire family. A food fair, galleries, workshops and children's creativity, all in a rural atmosphere near the kalaniot. For the use of the visitors there is a vast parking lot, amenities and atmosphere music. In 9.2, 16.2 there will be   a show for children's.


Having fun in Beror Hail

Every Saturday • 10:30 – 15:30 • Entrance is free • 050-3130545

On the soccer stadium there will be plenty of activities: attractive mini golf courses, artists' stalls, creative workshops for children, food and drink stalls, Brazilian Asado, music and more.


Re’eim farm adjacent to the Gevaram forest

Every Saturday • 9:00 – 16:00 • Admission is free • 077-7295858

A farm for the production of olive oil with a hospitality tent, inflatables area, a creativity corner, a small animal corner, a petting zoo and face paintings. Jahnun, Malawach, pita bread with labane, hummus, shakshuka and more.


Bubbles and experiences in Klahim

Every Saturday • 10:00 – 15:00 • Columbia surpluses area • Free entrance • 077-7295704

A comic and colorfulness character that will entertain the children with stories, activities and soap bubbles. The character will activate the children with explanations about the area with light humor and a huge bubble show. Happens every hour. The red fire truck - a new and special "Food truck" specializing in meat dishes and pastries from the Tabun, vegan dishes, children's dishes and drinks. On site is the Colombia's surplus store, equipment and clothing for hiking, skiing and leisure. From the compound you can walk to a number of flowering routes.


'A day of fun at Kibbutz Nahal Oz

Saturday 2.2, 16.2 • 10:00 – 16:00 • Entrance is free • 052-3420446

A magical 'children's farm', an experience for the whole family. Let's feed and caress the animals. There will be art and crafts workshops for children in the “Butterfly Farm”. Local artists stalls, food area for family’s, pita bread, coffee and cake, draft beer and more. Between 12:00 – 15:00, every hour we will take a guided tour of the kibbutz paths and get a taste of the history of the place.


'Bar in red' in the Bar hills

Saturday • 9.2, 23.2 • 10:00 – 17:00• Entrance is free • 077-7295793

Saturday fun for the whole family: Jamboree Corner, Bedouin tent and desert animals, a café run by youth, local art stalls, handicrafts, authentic food, flowers, braids, gaggling and ornaments. Bicycle and by foot tours, paintings exhibition "Growing up Children" and a show on September 2, 13:00 "Doctor Doolittle" Shir Theater on 23.2, 13:00 Piccolo the Clown, circus artist - the waggon theater, in addition to open houses in the village.


Navigation for the whole Family

Saturday 16.2 in the Dvira Forest • Saturday 23.2 in the Lahav Forest • Departure between 9:30 – 11:00 • Registration •

An experiential navigation game for the whole family with maps and quizzes about nature and the environment. Coffee and pastry at the gathering, an explanation of the navigation map, and each family sets out independently and steers at a pace and track chosen without using Waze. At the end the children will go to the creativity corner, and you are invited to stay for a picnic in the nature - the food is on you, the mats, we provide. Groups all week in coordination.


The “Nirim yotzrim” pedestrian mall - a colorful happening in Nirim

Saturday 16.2 • 10:00 – 16:00 • Entrance is free • 077-7295828

A colorful happening from the best local artists. On the large green lawn you can enjoy varied food stalls, jewelry, clothing, second hand articles, art and crafts and agricultural products stalls, inflatables, children's activities and games and street performances.


KKL kalaniot hike in memory of Shoshana Damari

Saturday 9.2 8:30: 15-00 | Ruchama Badlands Forest Line 1-800-350-550

A hike through green hills. The march has three tracks (2.5, 5.5, 12 km), with information stations all along the trail, operating and training with KKL guides, on the path: jugglers, a singing group and sports games. The tracks are recommended from age 3 and are not suitable for kid’s carts. Along the route are water and toilets. You can have a picnic on “the firsts” site or along the path. Reduced Pre-paid price on site. The parking is only at Sapir College. From there, transportation will be provided to the starting point at “the firsts” site at Ruhama and back at the end. The hike area cannot be reached by private car. Pick up tickets and exit from Sapir College until 12:00. Ticket sales on the day of the event in cash only (if tickets remain). The ticket provides participation in the hike, insurance and a gift for each participant. For information and registration: li.oc.rosbah.www.


Absorption and settlement

Absorption of families happening

Friday, 15.2, 10:00 – 13:30, in the Shlomit and Tzohar settlements •

Saturday, 16.2, 11:00 – 15:30 , in the Sufa and Avshalom settlements • Entrance is free • 050-7292191

An event for those who are interested in joining the settlements. Spend time with the kids, inflatables, activities, craft stalls and refreshments. To get to know the families of the settlements who will talk about the experience of living there and the possibilities of absorption.


'Morning of Fun' in Ein Hashlosha

Saturday • 23. 2 • 9:30 • Admission is free • 050-6264104

Looking for new partners and families. Values ​​and Zionist homes and homes in the south at an opportunity price. We will meet on a tour of the farm: cowsheds and field crops, children's activities, food stalls, refreshments and a meeting with local people.


Musical events

Festival of meats and wine at the Patagonia restaurant in Or Haner

Thursday • 7.2 • 12:30 • Pre-registration • The number of places is limited • 077-7295709

A South American evening with a variety of quality meats and unlimited wine. A guest performance by Argentinian guitarist Fernando Nimark. The menu includes salads, empanadas, hot side dishes, tasty surprises, and a large variety of meats served all evening. After the show, dancing and a lot of fun.


Style in the yard at Talmei Yosef

Fridays • Entrance is free • 052-5822655

Live music, food and local products. "The Voice in the Sand" - a performance by a local ensemble with original Oriental music and “cavers”. Vintage paintings, breakfasts, desserts, fine coffee and cakes for Shabbat. Sale of design style products, clothing and jewelry and a second hand clothes stand.


The Musical Ensembles Marathon - Bikkurim Village

Friday 15.2 10:00 – 16:00  • Free admission Tzala Dairy, sheep farm • 077-7295712

20 different musical ensembles, 13 musicians, singers, 4 parallel stages. More than 50 music clips. Enjoy music and a rustic atmosphere, have breakfast in the area or buy a picnic basket. Bikkurim is a unique youth village established to foster excellence in the arts for youth from the periphery.