Workshops and creation

'Tutsi's Courtyard'

Artists Courtyard in Maslul

Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday • Tuesday and Friday 10:00 – 14:00 • Saturday 10:00 – 17:00 • Registration • 077-7295878

A colorful boutique carpentry workshop specializing in recycled wood and renovation of old furniture and a gallery of authentic vintage items. A variety of workshops for the whole family: "Talking signs" –signs making. "It all depends" - creating racks. "A tale of a planter" – the building of a spices planter. In addition, there will be workshops for the renovation and painting of Shabi Shik style furniture. coffee and food stalls in site.


'In our yard' in Nir Akiva

Every Friday • 10:00 until the beginning of Shabbat • 077-7295881

A pampering area facing the landscape of the fields and next to the kalaniot track. Throughout the day there will be creative workshops for children and adults. Between 12:30 to 14:00 hours we will heald Kabbalat Shabbat with music and a puppet theater. On site, sitting areas next to a small lake, Pappa coffee shop and a gallery offering pizzas backed in the taboun, focaccia and more, “The hummus in the yard”, homemade hummus, soups and more. There is a furniture gallery and ceramics studio. A variety of additional workshops for groups and families in coordination. The place is under roof, the event will take place in any weather. Studio Hamra, Farm 55.


'Klee Bereshit' in Ta’ashure

• Free entrance • Paid workshops • 077-7295797

A desert-inspired pottery studio with a special wood stove and fire workshops reko in connection with the elements of nature. Winter tasting: soups, vegetarian pita bread and dips and sale of ceramics in the studio.

Changing events on weekends:

“The annual event” Tools created from the oven'

1.2 - 2.2. • Fri. - Sat • 10:00 15:00

A festive opening of a unique wood stove that burned for two days and the exposure of the ceramic works. Art workshop for the whole family, a demonstration of carving spoons in green wood. At every hour, a demonstration of blacksmithing, steel forging with a hammer and anvil in a traditional blacksmith furnace. Wood and steel tools for sale.

“Rotating Celebration” - Rolling Creation Day

9.2 – 23.2  • Saturday 10:00 15:00

In the yard of the studio, we will create tools by rotating the whetstone, paintings in mud and color in the movement of the whetstone, we will create mandala from natural materials. In addition: in 9.2- a bubble-clown show that stuns the audience with a variety of soap bubbles, followed by a soap bubbles workshop where giant bubbles bloom. In 23.2  - Hoola hoop workshop. Learn, practice and play with the movement of circles while turning hoops to the rhythm of music.

'Experience in Fire' • 15.2 Friday • 10:00 - 12-00

16.2 Saturday • 10:00  14:00

Workshops for the whole family: painting ceramics in glazes and burning them in a quick and unique process of reko burning, a craft workshop in clay. Demonstrating the carving of spoons in a green tree. At every hour, a demonstration of blacksmithing, steel forging with a hammer and anvil in a traditional blacksmith furnace. Wood and steel tools for sale.


The art of glass in Kibbutz Mefalsim

Every Weekend (Fri. – Sat.) 10:00 to 14:00

Painting on glass, creation for children from the age of eight and adults. On the spot decorative items, jewels and jewelry for sale.


Desert magic workshops in the Dvira Forest

Saturday • 23.2, 3.2 • 10:00 – 14:00 • Admission is free • the workshops are for a nominal fee

An experience of smells, flavors and connection to the Bedouin tradition. A colorful place in the nature where authentic workshops for families will be held by Bedouin entrepreneurs and artists and will be accompanied by stories and tales from the Bedouin heritage: kalaniot tissue embroidery on black cloth, an examination of wild flowers and kalaniot, za'atar and sumac preparation, weaving in wool and preparing bracelets, medicinal plants and the wild plant secrets. Bedouin jewelry by natural materials, an authentic workshop for making coffee, embroidery and vases, wheat and barley and traditional flour preparation, making traditional cloth dolls, making fabric pompons, creating Bedouin beads and key chains. Sustainability and recycling according to Bedouin attitudes. Additional Activities: Free activity at the Joe Alon Museum for Bedouin Culture - activities on the Bedouin tradition in a riddle and missions - a presentation and explanation of Bedouin work tools and crafts, nature scout tours, a hospitality tent accompanied by stories and a traditional Bedouin music player. Additional information: Facebook “The magic of the desert”.


Bedouin heritage

At the Joe Alon Center in Lahav Forest

Saturday • 9.2, 16.2. • 9:30: 15-00 • 077-7295735

A happening for the whole family around the Bedouin heritage: hosting an authentic Bedouin tent for coffee and tea, creative workshops: preparing Bedouin embroidery, making Bedouin jewelry, henna decorations and a workshop for making desert plant creams. A guided tour every hour, at the world's only Bedouin heritage museum. Selling a Bedouin Pita with Lavana and olives.


Mandala Path – Netiv Ha’asara

All week • 10:00: 20-00: • By appointment • 077-7295893

Creating a personal or shared mandala from art materials: paints, natural materials, scrap and more. The duration of the activity is one and a half hours. Exhibition of mandalas on site.


‘Light in the Desert ' Kibutz Urim

All week • groups in coordination • 077-7295747

The Magic of Natural Pharmacy: A Home First Aid Workshop - A simple set of oils and plants for help in emergencies. A workshop for the preparation of natural deodorants

Natural Deodorant Cream. A store of raw materials for natural pharmacies and natural healing formulas is on site.


Creation activity in material

In the studio of Reuma at Kohav Michael

All week • for groups and families • In coordination • 9:00 - 14:00 • 077-7295837

A rural studio that hosts groups and families for joint ceramic workshops. Create together the material. The accommodation includes refreshments and hot drinks. A rich, pre-cooked homemade breakfast.


Activities in nature Free of charge

Drawing Kalaniot

Every Friday 11:00 - 14:00• Every Saturday: 10:00 - 15-00: The “Gottick Gallery” complex in Reim

Drawing kalaniot: draw with emotion and with lots of peace and beauty. To experience drawing in colors, to see, to feel, and to paint nature with a brush on canvas, through a personal point of view rather than through a camera. number of seats is limited.


Color in Nature

A family drawing experience

Every Saturday • 10:00 - 15-00: • Ruhama - Observation Tower • Reservoir Observation Point - on the Besor Road

Experience a unique painting on a huge canvas in the heart of nature for one common creation. Free painting of the landscapes of blossoms and nature. In spirit excluding in 2.9.


Workshop for preparation and painting A personal kite

Every Saturday • 10:00 - 15-00 • Shokeda Community Forest (Yoni well Entrance from Road 232) • Harari parking lot

An experiential workshop for making and painting a kite. With the background of the blossom each participant will prepare a kite that will be painted and decorated by his own hands, and will take it home. A family experience in nature. Activity until stocks last.


Photography positions in nature In a nostalgic atmosphere

Every Saturday • 10:00 - 15-00 • Shokeda Community Forest (Yoni well Entrance from Road 232) • Harari parking lot

A nostalgic photographic stand in an amusing and pioneering atmosphere. There is nothing like a documented family souvenir that will perpetuate the moment. On the background of the flowering, scenery sets, photography accessories and a lot of nostalgia will be waiting for travelers and for the entire family.